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Lead Software Engineer

Electronic Arts

Los Angeles, CA 02-19-2021
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Job Description

We are looking for a full-time Lead Software Engineer to join a small new team being formed to develop a brand new IP.

Why Join Us:
• Take on a formative role in developing a brand new IP.
• You'll coach coders to grow as leaders, in both technical and user domains.
• Be part of a very small team where each person's contributions make a large impact.
• We focus considerably on gameplay and good feel.
• We trust you to do your best work, and support you in nurturing your life-work balance.
• Hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime.
• You'll work with and report to project leadership in an extremely flat structure.

• Model empathy and create psychological safety for others. We believe that connecting to others forms the foundation upon which all other leadership responsibilities are performed.
• Leading by example through productive, technical competence - code leads are generalists with an area of deep expertise; they are comfortable delivering finished work in any area of the game, while being a reliable resource in their area of expert knowledge.
• Investigate and solve challenges collaboratively in any area of development - whether it be gameplay, audio, rendering, art, animation, AI, VFX, networking, tools for all disciplines… or something unanticipated!
• Mentor teammates via regular 1:1s, listening well to help them grow and use their strengths to their fullest.
• Actively tend to team health & culture through periodic discussion & iterative documentation, including ongoing reflection and refinement of our candidate interview and onboarding processes.
• Actively promote and build an inclusive work environment through your daily actions.
• Model initiative. Leaders look farther ahead and point out both opportunities and problems that others may not have the bandwidth, perspective, or experience to see. They take sensible positive and timely action that inspires those around them.
• Model accountability. Our leaders do what they say, say what they mean, and let others know early when situations change. They operate consistently, create safety, and champion the values of the team & project.
• Promote balance. Finding the right balance permeates all aspects of a successful leader's life, from feature'/work scoping, to improving team happiness, to spending time with direct reports.
• Plan and prioritize work regularly with your team, with strategic awareness.
• Take care of recurring administrative work that is generally expected of leadership roles at EA.

• Prior experience in a code leadership role.
• Passionate about making, playing and understanding games.
• Balanced approach between exploring new concepts and delivering finished work.
• Very comfortable in C'/C++.
• Working knowledge of vector math and linear algebra.

If all this excites you, then we want to talk to you. Don't let doubt deter you! We are an equal opportunity team excited about our next journey. Please submit your resume to apply. We'll get back to you once we have a chance to review!

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Electronic Arts

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