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Software Engineer - UX / UI

Electronic Arts

Los Angeles, CA 07-01-2020
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Job Description

Software Engineer - UX/UI (Apex Legends)

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer - UX/UI.

Reports to the Technical Director

Roles you will fill:
• Incubating a new TypeScript & React -based framework for the menu UX/UI of a AAA game title -- slowly replacing a legacy C++-based in-house system
• Building this front-end UI technology stack -- from the Webpack config to the CSS styles used for layouts
• Working with UX/UI designers to determine feasibility of new designs
• Working closely with UI programmers, guiding and teaching them how to take new designs from prototyping to release, whether it be directly or with written guides/documentation
• Working with UX/UI designers and UI programmers to convert existing designs to the new framework

Roles we hope you'll fill:
• Willing to grab lunch with fellow game devs
• Discussing user-facing design choices with game designers and UX/UI designers to understand the final results as experienced by the user
• Working within the unusual and often unpredictable requirements of game development
• Interacting with other game development departments and become involved in the success of the game as a whole
• Willing to stick with a team long-term and grow with them across multiple game titles

Expected qualities:
• 5 years minimum with C++
• 4 years experience with React or Preact
• 3 years experience with TypeScript
• Domain experience working with React core APIs
• Experience writing reusable components
• Mentorship experience
• High degree of fluency in JavaScript, with knowledge of modern techniques and core JS concepts
• Experience with a modern web application stack:
• State management libraries such as Redux/MobX
• Type systems like Flow or TypeScript
• Modern frontend build tooling (Webpack/Parcel, Babel, NPM/Yarn)
• Proficiency in frontend markup and styling:
• CSS preprocessors and CSS3 -- specifically Flexbox
• Frontend templating
• Understanding of Critical Rendering Path
• Experience with Git

Extra credit:
• Have sample web applications available for review (e.g.: on GitHub or BitBucket, or sent privately)
• Experience with AngularJS or Vue.js
• Experience with performance optimization -- specifically web but also general software performance skills is good
• Experience with Perforce Helix
• Experience with immutable data structures
• Experience with automated testing frameworks (PhantomJS, Selenium, ...)
• Experience in the game industry
• Experience with Coherent Gameface, Hummingbird, or Prysm
• Experience with C++
• Experience leading teams
• Degree in Computer Science (or similar)
• Open source software contributor

Company Profile
Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.
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