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Compositing Supervisor

Moving Picture Company

Bengaluru, India 10-27-2022
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Job Description
Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a global VFX studio with decades of storytelling experience across the feature film and episodic industries, with award-winning highlights including The Lion King, 1917, The Mandalorian, and Wandavision.

MPC's global network of artists is constantly innovating to bring unimaginable ideas to life through cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity. Part of the Technicolor Creative Studios network, MPC continues to lead the visual arts industry, building authentic and long-lasting connections with audiences across screens worldwide.

The 2D Supervisor on a show is responsible for driving the creative and technical aspects of the final image composites. They act as the quality control filter between the VFX Supervisor and the compositing artists. They are responsible for delivering on the look and feel of each shot/sequence as briefed by the VFX Supervisor/external 2D Supervisor . This includes but is not limited to the efficient management of their Comp Team, establishing close communication with the external show team, anticipating any problems with delivery of the show and establishing the techniques for matching the 'look' of the live-action photography.

They will work closely with the external site 2D Supervisor following the progress of external key shot work and deciding, with the show, which key shots need to be developed when needed. They will then guide the leads in understanding the external key shot templates to ensure the local team is working in the correct way. If the key shot template is scheduled to be developed then the 2D Supervisor will guide the leads towards the best possible techniques and work flows to build efficient templates for the local team to follow. The 2D Supervisor must review all compositing work being done by their local team and will present this work to the VFX Supervisor, assisted by the external 2D Supervisor when needed. They work within a highly collaborative team environment and should encourage open communication and knowledge sharing.

Primary responsibilities
• Weekly meetings with RP Lead/Supervisor to brief new turnover & Analyze new plates at 2k/4k.
• Attend external site morning production meeting 2 days a week. Attend some external site sequence dailies to keep abreast of key shot lookdev work being done in external site.
• Apply the default daily routine structure, for the local team, as set out by HOD. i.e. Daily planner, Reviewing shots in Morning Comp Dailies, Rounds, Afternoon dailies & Reg. call with external site for reviews with the VFX Supervisor assisted when needed by the external Comp Supervisor. Artists should be included and encouraged to speak in calls with the VFX Supervisor/external Comp Supervisor.
• Initial contact with Imaging team to understand the color pipeline of the show.
• Liaising with Upstream team (Prod ops/Imaging/Editorial ) for correct IM,IN,IR setup. Upstream shot teams will respond to requests for IN,IM & IR plates on the 'Global Comp Requests' ticket queue. Neutral grade supervision & approval, making use of on set material e.g. Macbeth charts.
• Maintains daily communication with external site 2D sups to review any flags and queries.
• Reg. weekly 'download' meeting with the external site 2D Supe to talk over any problems or success stories that have arisen during the week. Outside of this time use of show Teams group to keep 2D Supes & Leads in touch across sites.
• Guiding the Leads in understanding and disseminating (to the local team) key shot templates completed externally and overseeing key shot work done locally when this is scheduled by the show.
• Apply standard tech check procedure i.e. Tech check playlist in reviewTool. This responsibility is shared with the local Leads on the show.
• Be involved with Show productions to ensure comp schedules are achievable, based on dependencies and time for Local Team. Ensure that schedules are verified and when needed flag to show when Targets are unachievable due to valid reasons.
• 2D Supe, Leads & show coordination should run local weekly sprint sessions (ideally on Fridays) using the planning wall or thumbnail board and feed the results of this back to external site show team. Any new assignments, reassignments and
organizing of shot teams will also be completed at these sprint meetings.
• Work with the show coordinators to ensure that 'My Tasks shotgun page' is up to date for all artists.

• Work with and mentor their Leads throughout a show.
• Ensure the efficient running of Shot Teams on their show. i.e. Key Artists/Team captains doing daily rounds with their team to technically support and mentor their artists.
• Be responsible for final delivery of shots on the show. Running Dailes etc
- giving artists 1.2.3. prior notes to do etc ..
• Helps in Up Skill of Comp Teams. 2D Supe will run regular 'show workshops' on comp technique and specific approaches relevant to the show.
• Responsible for requesting transfers for any useful show 2D elements to the main Library after the show has finished.
• Assess team members, giving the department DMs and HoD feedback on the performance of compositors on the show.

Jobcode: Reference SBJ-gmqx9v-34-229-119-176-42 in your application.

Company Profile
Moving Picture Company

Technicolor is home to the world's premiere portfolio of visual effects brands, services, and creative innovations. With locations that span the globe, and service offerings tailored to the specific creative and storytelling needs of each project, we power premium content. Our diverse family of VFX brands includes: MPC, The Mill, MR. X, Mikros MPC Advertising, and Technicolor VFX. Each studio has their own unique approach to help storytellers create out of this world experiences.