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We are looking for an Backend Engineer, who is passionate about developing systems and services to support the live operations and online gameplay for our millions of users. You will work in small teams that work closely together to create solutions for game requirements using modern technologies and frameworks deployed to cloud-based infrastructure.


We are looking for an experienced Development Director who is passionate about both process and gaming to provide daily production leadership to the team(s).The Development Director manages project and feature planning, balancing scope with capacity, managing resources, tracking progress, implementing processes, mentoring people and managing risks and mitigation.


We are looking for a Art Craft Manager with experience in managing people and enable our amazing staff to thrive and develop in their careers. The purpose of the Content Craft Manager is to provide lateral support outside the game team hierarchy, focused on growing individuals long term.


We're looking for Level Artists across all seniority levels, to join our team of content creators and create our in-game worlds for the future.


You will help develop a library used in EA games running on multiple platforms, including PC and consoles. Ensure it is stable, performant and easy to integrate.


You will join an engineering team where everyone shares a common interest to deliver a world-class streaming platform. Therefore, you share best practices and continuous improvements, and you also brainstorm new ideas and help to tie-break key technical decisions.


Develop and Operate Continuous Integration for DICE's games. Communicate with DICE and other teams to ensure games are delivered to required specifications


You will work close with coders, game designers, artists and producers across feature teams and reporting to our Studio Technical Design Director. You will often be the spider in the web, feedback early on designs from a technical point of view and help with getting new technology testable fast.


Your primary objective is to provide the best experience to players, every release. You join our team of project and program managers reporting to the Director of Launch & Release Management at EASE Operations. We work together as a program management team to ensure launches of games developed by European Studios are great.


We are looking for a Senior Research Engineer to join an expanding team in Stockholm working on applications of deep learning and related techniques for use in interactive entertainment. Areas we are researching include game AI, human-like be. havior, animation, computer vision, physics, body and shape reconstruction, generative models, music / sound generation, and human-computer interaction.


Looking for a software engineer with experience in game AI development who can join our team. The field of AI-driven testing is still new at EA and given its potential, there is a lot of creative work that can be applied to this field.


We're looking for Technical Animators that want to take on the challenges of ongoing product and pipeline evolution, and who will have fun pushing the boundaries of animation and characters in our games.


Innovate and improve workflows, data builds and game systems for handling huge game worlds. Design and implement systems and APIs used by thousands of game developers across EA. Collaborate closely with game teams to ensure world-class workflows and in-game performance


You will be part of a talented multi-disciplinary team developing the tools and game engine behind the amazing worlds you see in Frostbite games. This includes the workflows and systems for building levels and objects in Frostbite. In the team, we collaborate closely on a day-to-day basis to make sure game teams around the world have great workflows and a performant and flexible engine for their games.


The Stockholm IT team is looking for a talented System Engineer who carries a broad range of experience with building, upgrading, and maintaining an on-prem data center environment, and can take part in advanced user support, upgrades, improvements, and maintenance of our infrastructure. You are a team player with an innovative personality and a passion to learn new things.


Work with an experienced team of software engineers to bring the vision of senior product designers to life. Work with cutting edge technologies, developing and integrating them into our applications. Design and write well structured, enterprise level code that runs and controls the applications, incorporating and adapting existing libraries and writing custom code where necessary


We are now looking for a Senior Product Manager - Development at Scale to join the Frostbite team!


We're looking for a curious, and passionate person who is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for QA, developers, and the ultimate game quality experience for our players. Your insights and your influence will allow us to make the highest quality games possible and have fun whilst doing it.


The Studios Data & Insights team within EA is looking for a Senior Director to cultivate a high-caliber Analytics function at some of EA's biggest studios. You will affect key decisions on the Battlefield franchise, one of the biggest and longest lived first-person shooters in video gaming.


Looking for a dynamic, highly motivated Senior Brand Manager with proven achievement in brand strategy, product marketing, and campaign development. At EA, you will join a team that is shaping the global presence of exciting and market leading videogame franchises.


Develop and Operate Continuous Integration for DICE's games. Communicate with DICE and other teams to ensure games are delivered to required specifications. Ensure the game is in a good state and can be tested by QA.


The role of a Procedural Artist at DICE, you will work with multiple disciplines including 3D Art, Level Artist, Engineering, Tech Art. On a daily basis you will report to our Technical Art Director or Lead Artist for a project and you will be the bridge between 3D Art, Level Art and Tech Art.


This Senior Brand Manager role sits within the Global Brand Management team and will have an extra focus on building out mid to long term Brand strategy and finding and unlocking incremental short term growth opportunities. This assignment will require the candidate to confidently straddle the realm of long-term strategy and the 'here and now' leading to it.


As a Cinematic Artist you will work with a team of creative artists and editors to help create our outstanding trailers that we use to market our games. You will have responsibility for shot layout, animation, lighting and rendering to achieve the final creative vision as set forward by your Director.


We are looking for someone who will improve our test coverage capabilities forward. As an embedded Software Engineer in Test, you will empower the entire Frostbite team to raise the quality bar through the solutions that you create.

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