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Supervising Video Production Technician: Remote


Remote / Virtual 7 days ago
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  • Contract
  • Senior (5-10 years) Experience
Job Description

Supervising Video Production Technician: Remote

A rapidly growing production company seeks an innovative and creative remote Supervising Video Production Technician to generate videos for their platform. All work will be done remotely and contracted on a monthly basis at a rate of $5,000 each month, with the possibility of becoming a long-term position. Candidates must be able to work remotely and provide expert production guidance via video chat platforms.

The position involves developing digital communications to supervise and create edgy, out of the box, and pop-culturally relevant video content. All videos will need to implement the creative use of graphics, unique cinematography, animation, sound effects, and heavy video/photo editing to promote a positive off the wall learning experience. This position requires the ability to remotely provide expert supervision and technical support for all pre-production, production, and post-production phases. Must be a sharp and responsive communicator with an outstanding writing style.

The company needs the candidate to head up the production department and be intimately involved with every step of the production process to ensure all productions meet the highest of industry standards. Experience is needed in the following; cinematography, camera work, audio setup, video editing, graphic design, motion graphics production, and taking creative direction in a fast-paced, collaborative setting while factoring in constraints such as timelines and project budgets to succeed in this position.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Must have a reel or portfolio of work to demonstrate skills and abilities
  • Must have unique video compellation skills while taking creative criticism and making appropriate adjustments
  • Remotely consulting on all pre-production, production, and post-production setups and rollouts
  • Team management/supervision experience is a must
  • Must know how to shoot green screen backgrounds and edit with green screen footage with multiple camera angles
  • Must be able to remotely edit videos, graphics, and photographs that tell compelling visual stories individually and lead a team of editors
  • Ability to supervise a team of video editors, animators, and graphic artists
  • Must be a team player, work well with others, and excel under pressure.
  • Work with directors to determine all aspects of shots remotely
  • Construct mobile camera equipment set up and remotely instruct others on use
  • Calibrate all production equipment remotely via video chat
  • Provide practical and creative input to scene planning
  • Remotely select, assemble, and position equipment (cameras, stands, lights, software, etc.)
  • Studio audio set up and audio mixing are required to be done remotely
  • Must own and be proficient with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder
  • Must own an Apple, Windows-based PC, or comparable laptop
  • Able to work with After Effects templates and create custom graphics
  • Ability to manage multiple projects of varying complexities, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure
  • Ability to choose unique music, SFX, and sound bites
  • Resolve all technical or practical production issues as needed


  • Bachelor's degree in film/tv production or equivalent experience/training
  • Must be able to work fully remotely and own necessary professional equipment
  • 5+ years of experience in television, film, or similar high-volume production environment.
  • 5+ years as a camera operator in a variety of styles and genres
  • 5+ years of remote video editing in a variety of styles and genres
  • 5+ years of supervising post-production teams
  • Excellent attention to detail, organizational skills, and project management experience
  • Extensive experience in keying greenscreen
  • Ability to schedule all necessary factors to complete projects on time
  • Mastery of media file organization (naming, folder structure, versioning)
  • Editing experience in a remote team environment
  • Ability to interact, communicate, and pitch ideas
  • Mastery of providing critical post-production feedback
  • Professionalism regarding time, costs, and deadlines
  • Advanced skills with editing software (Premiere, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects, Media Encoder, Adobe Camera Raw, and DaVinci Resolve, etc.)
  • Knowledge of editing/mixing sound (cleaning audio, adjusting levels, etc.)
  • Experience with sound design for animation (voiceover, fx, and music)
  • Experience color grading for master deliverable (DaVinci or Lumetri)
  • Ability to specify the necessary resources to execute each media project
  • Ability to analyze and resolve problems independently


  • Production experience in higher education and marketing media
  • Knowledge of the LearnWorlds site and its online video creation platform
  • Experience in creating and editing animation

Employment type

  • Freelance, project by project basis

Work Location:

  • Fully remote
  • Shooting locally in Las Vegas may be required in the future.

Job Type: Contract

  • Pay: $5,000.00 per month

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