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An often overlooked segment of entertainment media, News and Journalism jobs offer a wide range of career opportunities in television, radio, print, and online environments in many different markets.


For anyone looking to break into the world of entertainment media, journalism and news jobs are a great way to do so.There are many different kinds 'hard news' jobs such investigative journalism as well as crime, business, or political reporting. If you'd rather focus on softer news, careers in sports, celebrity, arts, or lifestyle reporting might be more your style.

Over the past few decades, the news industry has transitioned from siloed television, radio, and print careers toward more multi-channel digital formats. As a result, many journalism positions require a wide range of skills. Today's reporters aren't just a byline in a newspaper - they have their own Twitter and Instagram feeds and interact through many different media outlets. In addition to traditional newscast positions such as reporters, editors, tv anchors, photographers, and print designers, brand new positions such as bloggers, social media specialists, and podcasters have arisen in the ever-evolving news and journalism sector.

If you are interested in working in entertainment, news careers are a great place to start. One reason is that you don't necessarily have to live in a major entertainment market such as Los Angeles or New York. Nearly every city in America has it's own TV, radio and print outlets where you can learn the ropes and hone your craft.

What Types of News Jobs are in the Media Industry?
  • Investigative Reporter
  • Sports Reporter
  • Entertainment Reporter
  • Multimedia Journalist
  • Opinion Columnist
  • Web Producer
  • Digital Content Producer
  • Editor
  • News Researcher
  • News Photographer
  • News Anchor
  • Meteorologist
  • Video Editor
  • Newscast Writer
  • Newscast Producer
  • Newscast Director
How Do I Start a Career In Journalism?
  • Earn a bachelor's degree in journalism, mass communications, or other related field.
  • Expand your writing portfolio or demo reel at local publications, news stations, and websites.
  • Hone technical skills by seeking writing, newscasting, or other relevant advice from working reporters.
  • Form connections in the industry and contact them regularly.
  • Above all, bring your passion for telling great stories to every workplace.

The successful applicant's background must include a minimum of one year of experience in a newsroom.


As Producer, you will be responsible for producing newscasts and gathering information for news stories for WHO-TV, WHO 13 News. You will be responsible for writing news stories, reading information sources, giving directions to anchors, reporters, photographers and directors, and working under extreme pressure, deadlines and adverse weather conditions.


The primary areas of responsibility for this a hybrid role will be anchoring First Alert Traffic during the Emmy Award-winning WBTV News This Morning, and working with the digital and weather teams to develop and execute a comprehensive multiplatform strategy focused on growing WBTV's First Alert Weather brand across digital, social, and streaming platforms.


7 News, the north country's news leader, is looking for a full-time MMJ. We pride ourselves on helping younger reporters hone their writing, photography, and broadcasting skills in an award winning newsroom filled with journalists who have decades of experience in the market. We're looking for candidates who are passionate about news, storytelling, and local journalism that matters.


WDAM is looking for a Reporter/MMJ to join our award-winning team. The successful candidate can generate their own story ideas and has a strong desire for enterprise storytelling and covering live, breaking news. They must understand and incorporate social media material into their workflow while reporting.


The responsibility of the Producer / Editor involves the creation, coordination and development of original programming for Raycom Sports' Origin Sports, an all-new F.A.S.T./OTT 24/7 free network that will deliver an array of archived event-driven programming and blend in original productions of sports biggest stars


WDBJ7 is looking for a Multimedia Journalist with a passion for telling stories. We want to hire a journalist who is ready to immerse themselves in their community, find the stories that truly affect their area and do some really impactful reporting.


The ability to work in a live, fast paced environment is required. Strong leadership skills, accuracy, attention to detail and a team oriented attitude are mandatory.


WWBT, Richmond, VA has an immediate opening for a Technical Media Producer. A TMP combines the roles of a traditional newscast director and master control operator.


As a Reporter/MMJ you will be responsible for originating, researching, writing, producing, presenting, and editing dynamic stories for WCCO, WCCO.


The Executive Producer supervises news content across all media platforms which requires a critical skillset to successfully fulfill the role.


The Production Assistant is responsible for various television production duties required to record scenes for live and recorded broadcasts.


The Photographer will be responsible for executing live shots during our morning newscasts using microwave, satellite, or TVU technology.


KDVR/KWGN, the Nexstar-owned FOX/CW duopoly in Denver, Colorado, is seeking an experienced evening news anchor to join our winning team. We are looking for an authentic, dynamic, engaging talent who can connect with an audience on all platforms.


The News Producer produces daily newscast items, decides the order in which stories will be told, writes teases and other content, times news programs, edits video, and posts video to the website.


They will serve as the fill-in producer for vacancies/vacations and voids. Must possess reporting, shooting, writing, and editing abilities.


The Multimedia Journalist Reporter produces, reports, shoots, writes, voices, edits and feeds news production content for all platforms in a manner that is clear, engaging and meaningful to news consumers.


WJHL is looking for a Digital Content Producer who will gather information and write stories for the web and post to social media platforms.


The Reporter/MMJ must have an engaging on-air personality and the ability to make the audience feel, learn and want to come back for more.


The Digital Producer will produce and distribute content elements across several media platforms.


The Multimedia Journalist Reporter produces, reports, shoots, writes, voices, edits and feeds news production content for all platforms in a manner that is clear, engaging and meaningful to news consumers.


The News Anchor Reporter serves as the primary presenter of news stories and other content for all platforms in a manner that is clear, engaging and meaningful to news consumers.


ViacomCBS is seeking an EP of Digital Media to coordinate all daily news and special event coverage.


The successful candidate will anchor, report and produce compelling, urgent and immediate sports content on TV and all our digital platforms.


WSTM/WTVH/CW6 has an exciting opportunity for a full-time Weekend News Anchor / Reporter. In this role, you will be required to produce daily content on a variety of platforms including the internet and social networks, along with performing other duties as assigned by the news managers.

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