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Los Angeles, CA 06-12-2020
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Associate Technical Artist (Apex Legends)

We're looking for a passionate Associate Technical Artist who will balance both technical and creative needs to support the team's goals of creating amazing animations, art, and gameplay. We're picturing someone who is passionate about building tools and rigs, ensuring an efficient pipeline, and supporting the efforts of all development departments beyond just animation.

What's it like to be a Technical Artist at Respawn?
- Day to Day - Our Technical Artists are responsible for rigging and skinning props, developing pipelines/tools/processes, R&D, troubleshooting technical problems, MEL/Python scripting in Maya, and are always seeking to raise the quality bar, develop solutions, and streamline processes.
- Independence - Our Technical Artists have the opportunity to do their best work under the support of leadership but without micromanagement. Once you are up to speed, there is a lot of opportunity to bring new ideas to the table and freedom to make improvements where processes could be better.
- Impact - The Technical Artist team is a ''glue'' department that has a big impact on the performance and efficiency of others, including but not limited to the animation team. They are constantly helping solve problems by collaborating with animation, mocap, VFX, design, art, and at times code as well. Our Technical Animation team is passionate about learning, inspiring, solving problems, and providing support to help others to do their best work. They have a direct impact on helping achieve the goals of believable animations and immersive gameplay that feels great.
- Progress - The Technical Art team is engaged with evolving our pipelines, tools, and rigs. They seek ways to make improvements and are always looking to advance our technology and help take our animations to the next level. You will have a voice regarding how we can do things better - on the tech animation side and beyond.
- Values - Our animation and tech teams are aligned on their values. They share their inspiration, knowledge, and passion with the others in their department. They aspire to treat everything they work on as a personal masterpiece. They play the game and are encouraged to speak up if they see anything that is not up to our high standards. They put their time and passion into what will have the biggest payoff for both developers and players. Our leads also make a lot of effort to ensure that their team members work on assignments they are excited about.
Ownership -
Our teams are small and everyone has a lot of ownership over their work. As a Technical Animator you will have the opportunity to own your rigs and/or tools from conceptualization to shipping. As part of a small team you will have the opportunity to shine here.

What do we look for in Technical Animator candidates?
- You've Made Stuff You Are Proud Of - What we'd love to see in your tech animation portfolio is work that you developed yourself from concept to finish - ideally including rigs, animation tools, scripts, and/or any pipeline work that you can share.
- Technical Chops - We count on our technical animators to troubleshoot technical problems and to keep abreast of the latest relevant advancements in the industry. Ideally you have extensive experience with rigging and scripting under your belt and can bring your valuable knowledge to the table.
- A Keen Eye - Our tech artists need to have a sense for proper skin deformation. The better the skinning and rigs, the more believable our characters and animations will be in our games.
- A Spirit for Collaboration - As mentioned above, our tech animation department provides glue that holds it all together. We look for people who love to support the efforts of others by helping make their work lives easier and ensuring they can deliver high quality work in game.
- Passion - We look for technical artists who are highly passionate. Our tech animation team is constantly sharing knowledge and working to raise the quality bar. No one is phoning it in here – our team members love what they do and it shows in their work.
- Potential Over Experience – We value talent over years of experience. Experience counts, but potential is important too. We look for talented, highly motivated people who have a knack for hands on technical development, but who also balance their drive to make cool stuff with the understanding of what is highest priority for the team members and the game.
- Teamwork – Positivity and a great attitude help to fuel greatness. The ability to accept feedback and critiques will help you tailor your work towards what's best for the game. Making games is a group effort and you will collaborate closely with other departments. Teamwork is very important to our success.

Ideally, you also will have...

Relevant software package experience such as Maya.

Experience working with both keyframe and motion capture data.

Examples of rigging, tech art, and tools pipeline via school projects and/or work experience

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and reel and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

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Electronic Arts Inc. is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.
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