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Animation Editor


Glendale, CA 10-15-2020
  • Paid
  • Full Time
Job Description


The Editor works with the Directors and Producers to develop the story and build the film into reels; which progresses from cutting storyboards for timing to fine-cutting the film prior to answer printing. In addition to the technical aspects called upon by the Editor of the film, he/she is also responsible for ensuring that all Editorial deadlines are met and that the staffing needs of the Editorial department are adequate to meet these deadlines.

Job Duties

Creative and Technical:
• Help drive creative vision of film and help Directors realize and bring to life the story, pacing and actor performances.
• Maintain creative integrity of film throughout the production and post production processes.
• Responsible for the correct presentation of all materials related to the film, e.g. story reels, workprints, previews, outputs.
• Responsible for correct continuity of scenes, reel breaks and changeovers.
• Supervise and participate in scratch, production and ADR dialogue recording sessions.
• Communicate with Production Coordinator the technical and creative needs necessary for recording sessions.
• Work with Directors to ensure consistency in actor performance necessary for the character, and to make sure the read matches the current storyboarding of the sequence. • Cut and/or supervise the cutting of temp SFX and Music for the storyreel.
• Monitor quality standards of all work done at labs, audio houses and other post houses.
• Supervise final mix and temp mixes.
• Spot final film with Sound Designer and Composer.
• Act as a creative liaison between Directors/Production and sound designer and mixers.
• Attend all screenings, studio and preview, and working with Directors to incorporate changes resulting from those screenings.
• Attend story meetings when possible.
• Attend production meetings when possible.
• Responsible for ensuring that an effective means of communication between the Editor and Assistant Editor exists for all Editorial changes to production.
• Deliver an approved cut of the film in the required format to the sound and music departments on the hand over date.

• Work with Producer and or Editorial Production Supervisor on scheduling of screenings.
• Establish work procedures for the cutting and helps define Assistant Editor duties and functions.
• Communicate with Associate Producer and Post Supervisor of any potential unplanned budget hits such as staff overtime.
• Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to Production Management effectively.
• Work closely with the Production Supervisor in the management of the department and to create the schedule and ensure deadlines are met. Supervises Editorial staff.
• Work with the Production Supervisor on casting assignments to Editorial staff.
• Responsible for improving the performance of editors on the team. Mentor editors to provide guidance, experience and insight. Involved in trying to resolve performance related issues.
• Responsible with Production Supervisor for maintaining crew morale. Foster good working atmosphere and ethics.
• Help manage career growth of staff; provide recommendations for promotions.
• Work with management in the casting and staffing of talent on the show.
• Help with recruiting and perform interviews. Ensure that new hires are provided the necessary training.
• Responsible for participation in the unification and initiatives for the studio.
• Facilitate meetings with artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.
• Ensure open lines of communication with other departments and department heads.

∙ Must have intimate knowledge of AVID Media Composer

Desired Characteristics

∙ Proficiency with Photoshop is a plus
∙ Familiarity with FLIX is useful
∙ Animation editing experience is preferred
∙ Familiarity with Pro Tools for scratch recording is preferred
∙ Familiarity with Linux/Unix operating systems is preferred