Full Time Job

Artist, Characters Outsourcing

WB Games

Kirkland, WA 09-10-2020
  • Paid
  • Full Time
  • Senior (5-10 years) Experience
Job Description

The Job

Monolith Productions, a division of WB Games Inc. is seeking a Senior Artist, Character (Outsourcing).

The Senior Artist, Character (Outsourcing) is responsible for working with external outsource partners in creation and integration of Game Character Art content. This individual will work closely with the Lead Artist, Characters and the Director of Art to ensure the aesthetic quality is kept at the highest bar across all content creation. The individual will prepare tasks, review assets, provide feedback, integrate content for use in game, and refine assets as needed. The Senior Artist, Character (Outsourcing) will be well versed in industry best practices, industry standard art tools, and will be responsible for coordinating with internal and external teams in the completion of high quality Character Art content. This person is responsible for creating high quality in game Character Art when needed.

The Daily
• Prepare tasks and documentation for external outsource partners.
• Review content to ensure consistency and highest level quality of content is delivered to the development team. Provide detailed written, visual and/or verbal artistic and technical feedback to the vendor. Put final touches on, and refine content as necessary for integration into the game.
• Create high quality Character Art content for game as needed.
• Integrate content for use in game.
• Identify and research possible vendors.

The Essentials
• BA in art or related field or equivalent experience
• At least 5+ year's experience in the industry.
• At least 3 published games preferably including one Xbox One or PS4 title.
• At least 1 published game while working in a similar role.
• Experience with AAA open world game development a plus.
• Minimum 4+ years of Zbrush and/or other digital sculpting tools.
• Minimum 5+ year's experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
• Minimum 5+ year's experience with industry standard 3-D package (3D Studio Max and Maya).
• Minimum 2+ year's experience with Substance Designer/Painter.
• Highly experienced and proficient in managing outsourcing partners towards the creation of high quality Character Art assets that meet game constraints and technical requirements.
• Ability to level up Character Art ability of 3rd party Vendors through clear and consistent mentoring.
• Outstanding communication skills with ability to clearly articulate ideas both written and verbally.
• Exceptional self-management with an ability to accurately predict and adhere to task length estimates and deadlines.
• Strong character and creature sculpting skills with an ability to create highly realistic AAA quality content.
• Strong understanding of highly realistic human and animal anatomy.
• Strong understanding of the history of costume design with an ability to execute a variety of designs from varied time periods.
• Strong understanding of color theory with an ability to balance content within a range of lighting scenarios.
• Strong understanding of internal and external silhouette and its impact on perception of content.
• Strong understanding of new gen shader technology with an ability to create a wide range of highly realistic materials.
• Solid experience and understanding of art pipelines with experience in development for Xbox One and/or PS4.
• Ability to adapt rapidly to new or changing technology with an interest in finding ways to evolve and improve the character art creation pipeline.
• Strong organization skills with adherence to file structures, naming conventions and other established protocols.
• Must be an excellent collaborator with a willingness to provide/accept direction and the ability to embrace change.
• Strong knowledge of current pop culture artistic trends within the entertainment industry with a focus on the AAA game space.
• Must be able to buy into the established art and design vision of the game and ensure that it is delivered in its entirety to the end of the project.
• Must have an active, passionate interest in current video games to help drive the game to the next level.
• Portfolio/website demonstrating fundamental foundation art skills, design sensibilities, and attention to detail.