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Lead Analyst, Claims Council


San Bruno, CA 05-12-2020
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Job Description

YouTube's Claims Council sits in the middle of PR, Policy, Product, Marketing, Legal and many other functions to ensure that we're responsibly sharing data and metrics externally in the right way at the right time. This group is tasked with defining our policies for what we can and can't share externally as well as the process for validating the data we do share externally in press, marketing events, external reports, and more. This group also ensures that we have the right infrastructure to ensure our PR, Policy, Marketing, and many other teams are able to easily access the data that they need for their externally facing jobs.

In order to have data points to support external messaging, we need to have a deep understanding of our product as well as rigorous analysis to pull everything together. This role involves serving as the main analyst powering the data we release externally. You will be an expert across all of YouTube's data as well as a partner with many teams across the company who own our products, marketing and analytics. You will proactively build data sets and dashboards to help our externally facing teams (Marketing, Sales, Product, PR, Policy and more) have what they need at their fingertips. You will also serve as the cross-functional lead for our group of certified claims analysts across many global sales and marketing teams, defining the certified analyst program, the training requirements, and helping ensure a tight knit community of analysts across many different teams.

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