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Key Artist - Texturing


Remote / Virtual 02-01-2021
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We are an award-winning visual effects company built on the belief that our strength lies in our team and our success relies on our people. By embracing our clients in our culture of mutual trust and commitment we set the stage for seamless partnerships and the perfect translation of creative vision to visual art. By partnering with our clients through every stage of their project we help shape and guide what makes it to the screen in some of the World's most exciting film and television content. By uniting with our friends to tell their stories, we become storytellers ourselves.

• A Key artist is responsible for creating texture maps and lookdev for hero, photo-based, conceptual and design 3D builds. This includes assets across the board from characters, human digital doubles, humanoids, animals, hard-surface such as vehicles, robotics, mechanical contraptions, props and concept based creatures and animals.

Key Responsibilities
• Should be good at visualizing the final look of an asset by looking at the concept or create a visual plan when the visual target is not defined
• Needs to source references and create mood boards to create the vision for the design based on the given inputs and briefs
• Is responsible for delivering the best VFX asset by following the supervision team and clients creative vision
• Should be very creative and come up with plans and communicate through quick dailies that will help to fast track decision making at different levels.
• Meet production schedules and set deadlines while maintaining the highest standards
• Supports artists by creating templates in Mari, Nuke and Katana.
• Takes group responsibilities for his/her shot teams and guides artists in workflows and maintaining the quality of the assets.

• Good understanding of all stages of Asset Pipeline and fair knowledge of VFX and CG productions
• Solid knowledge of anatomy, sense of design, form, scale and proportions in space
• Needs to have thorough understanding of hero character or creature vehicle/hardsurface/prop/env/ builds from photo reference or even conceptual designs.
• Work on textures for art directed fantastical creatures, vehicle designs and animals
• Work on textures for lodA+ Digital humans/actors and art directed environments
• Work on sculpting and create displacements including 2d displacements for realistic details
• Setup shaders and lookdev assets to closely match to references and real world materials
• Establish looks and pass down repeatable set-ups/templates for artists to deliver multiples of similar builds
• Setup lookdev for main hero assets and materials which can be later reused by artists for other builds such as crowds and variations
• Creates mari scenes and nuke-script templates that will allow artists to speed up their workflow and create secondary maps like ISOs, SPECR and displacements