Full Time Job

Sr. Integration Engineer


Remote / Virtual 10-17-2020
  • Paid
  • Full Time
  • Mid (2-5 years) Experience
Job Description

• Build, test, review, and ship software for our platforms, including our suite of APIs and microservices, editorial tools, and web frontends
• Partner with other engineering squads to collaboratively develop our APIs, content management, and frontend systems
• Collaborate on the design of system architecture, data models, data flows, schemas, and API contracts
• Collaborate with product managers, designers, and the newsroom to shape the products that we build
• Be a significant contributor to the selection and implementation of new architectures, technologies and methodologies in our group

• 4+ years of relevant work experience
• Experience with modern programming paradigms in production
• We use Node.js, PHP and Go in our backends
• iOS Swift and Android Kotlin for our phone apps
• Experience with other backend technologies like Python and Java is great.
• Our data stores include DynamoDB, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, and more. We use ElasticSearch for queries and Redis for caching.
• Our frontends are HTML and CSS/SASS
• We use React primarily as a front-end framework.
• Experience with other frontend frameworks like Vue, Mithril, Angular, and others is also great.
• Experience with version control, peer review, and other modern development practices.
• Experience working in the AWS ecosystem is highly desirable
• Experience working Drupal 7/8 highly desirable
• Work remotely with occasional travel to Miami
• Must be fully fluent in English (both written and verbal)

Desired Characteristics

What does Telemundo/OT&S Digital look for in a candidate?

The people who are most successful and have the most fun in our organization have the following attributes:
• You have top-notch skills in your technical domain. Whether you work on the front-end, back-end or across the stack, you can demonstrate fluency in the core areas of technology you work with (calibrated to the level you're at in your career). You also are committed to learning and growing your skill set.
• You are user and product focused. You not only make great technology, but you understand and are Passionate About How Your Work As a Technologist makes products more insightful, delightful, performant and profitable. Engineers at Telemundo/OT&S Digital are expected to contribute to the strategy, planning and execution of projects.
• You're committed to collaboration. Engineers at Telemundo/OT&S Digital work closely with other engineers as well as product managers, designers, editors, reporters and broadcasters. As an engineer you're expected to voice your opinion, understand other people's point of view and work with others to make great products and technology.
• You take ownership, are proactive and entrepreneurial.
• You want to make technology work and are excited about knocking down barriers to do that. You are OK with ambiguity and work to reduce it by building and prototyping. You push for solutions that solve immediate problems while building towards long-term goals.
• You're a system thinker. You love to understand not only how your code works and looks but also how it fits into the larger ecosystem of services