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Design and iterate on the texture, color, and material properties of architectural and organic models and environments in a variety of visual styles


Work with creative and technical leads to develop, debug, or extend programs for feature film production in areas such as: Digital models, Digital shaders , CGI effects


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible for design, implementation, or completion of crowd dressing, motion, and/or rendering in production shots and sequences • May adapt character models to the needs of crowd animation or build crowd characters • May create, debug, or modify systems to facilitate crowd-level animation


Assists Lighting department with improving quality of daily, lighting, and final renders. Assists in optimization, including per-shot, per-sequence, and show- and studio-wide techniques for improved render efficiency for both time and memory utilization.


RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop hair models for characters at both broad and fine levels based on art and reference. Establish workflows that are sharable and reusable for new asset creation. Understand the simulation implications of different type of grooms. Establish a baseline for hair simulat


Accommodate employee needs to facilitate smooth studio operations. Patrol building and grounds via foot, scooter and/or bicycle on a consistent basis. Greet and provide general information to visitors and employees. Conduct surveillance of buildings and grounds through vid


Simulate natural phenomena by applying direct and procedural animation techniques to create a variety of effects. Shade, render, and composite effects elements. Use proprietary tools to implement solutions. Create and communicate animation timing for effects. Work with p

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