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Sales/Digital Marketing

KXXO Mixx 96.1

Olympia, WA 02-15-2021
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Want to move to the Northwest? We're actively looking for an Idea Person, not just a sales person - someone who has ideas, social media knowledge, and is not afraid of new technology, concepts, and, most of all, people! If you have ideas for a new online initiative, a promotional package or a sales idea, you won't have to pitch corporate - the owners are right down the hall.

What's so great about this job? KXXO 96.1 is a stand-alone FM in the capital city of Washington state and our signal reaches from the Cascade mountain range to the Pacific Ocean. We are family run and have a bit of a lefty slant. We expect you will work hard, but we know that emergencies happen and that you'll get your job done even though you have to take time for your family. The working environment is cooperative rather than competitive; we all succeed by working together! Olympia itself is a beautiful community in the Northwest with a strong economy, progressive values, and incredible opportunities for both outdoor recreation and financial success.

To apply: Tell us why we should hire you, including examples of your creativity and social media posts. Include your social media handles with your contact information. Admin@mixx96.com, KXXO, PO Box 7937, Olympia, WA 98507

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