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Director Software Engineering


New York, NY 11-21-2020
  • Paid
  • Full Time
  • Executive (10+ years) Experience
Job Description

The Job

As a Director of Data Platforms and Engineering at HBO Max, you will be working within a dynamic and growing organization. Helping to formulate an approach and style that compliments both new and existing development and operational process. Your software development and management skills will be key as you will help manage and define the visibility of our operational practices through our world class development team.

As a leader within our engineering operations space for our global offering, you will work with teams that span the globe while coordinating, monitoring, securing, and measuring customer impact from our primary data platforms.

The Daily
• Lead a team of experts, keeping data easily accessible and secure. Planning, managing, and scaling our datastores to ensure our high standard for customer experience.
• Recruit and work with team members to design, deploy, operate our customer facing cloud-deployed data platforms.
• Provide support to our internationally based planning, product-development, and release teams to enable stability, predictability, scale, and growth for our data access/storage.
• Set our strategies towards standardization, automation, and resilience. More specifically, establishing SLOs and risk analysis techniques to continually challenge and raise-the-bar on behalf of our customer experience.
• Organize your team structure towards the effective delivery of your vision and recruiting new members where necessary.
• Work in collaboration and coordination with members of our existing SRE, Infrastructure, and Platform Engineering teams to implement our strategic ambitions and fostering a collaborative environment.
• Develop and standardize our software development processes for our data platforms infrastructure automation. Focusing on infrastructure as code for provisioning and maintaining compliance.
• Establishing rigorous backup/recovery keeping us in compliance with WarnerMedia data policies.
• Develop failure/latency/loss scenarios to enact processes that validate our design for resiliency. Applying mainstream 'chaos' practices to ensure our availability assumptions are constantly correct.
• Embody and embrace working cross-functionally, eliminating the lines of organizational boundaries in favor of organizing towards shared objectives.
• Establish strategies and roadmaps towards our data platforms. Organizing and representing the overall status of development outcomes.
• Be a self-starter, not afraid to challenge the norms, acting as an informed leader making data-backed decisions.
• When presented with a problem or challenge, see this as an opportunity to take ownership and act independently on it.
• Invest in technical documentation, diagrams, templates, checklists and be meticulous on maintaining accuracy and relevancy.
• Develop operational insights for the instantiation of our tiered support model, helping to develop and participate within SLIs/SLOs across the broader direct-to-consumer organization.
• Foster a software development organization that instills mainstream Agile practices while transparently tracking and reporting capacity investments and trade-offs.
• Deliver an industry message through conferences, panels, and papers of our practices, tenets, and values. Further progressing our brand as being the best in the industry.
• Ability to understand large complex software systems and their interdependencies.
• Additionally, we instill the best management practices across the organization. We believe in the investment of staff and that starts with how we people manage. You will bring innovative and passionate practices to our management team. Simply put – you inspire your team to put forth their best work.
• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, comfortable communicating with their technical and non-technical colleagues and executives.

The Essentials
• 10+ years managing, implementing and defining large scale development practices and operational maturity into globally scaled direct-to-consumer customer facing direct-to-consumer offerings.
• Bring a product and software development mindset to better scale, secure, and extend our global customer-impacting data-platforms.
• 10+ years experience engineering large international data platform solutions utilizing NoSql platforms such as DynamoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and Redis.
• Experience migrating-off and supporting RDS implementation such as PostgresSQL MySQL.
• Experience in real-time or batch data pipelines using Spark, Flink or other open source frameworks.
• Strong query language skills (Presto, CQL, N1QL)
• Ability to deliver technical vision, strategy, and solutions in the face of ambiguity.
• Experience with deploying and running AWS-based data solutions and familiar with tools such as EKS, Terraform, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines.
• Experience with personalized data security, metadata management, data lineage, and data governance
• Passion for solving large scale distributed systems architecture challenges.
• Experience in product development for large-scale direct-to-consumer offerings with teams that technically managed their operations within a mainstream public cloud offering.
• A background in Software Development and leading technical teams within a product development environment.
• Developed progressive deployment practices within large complex environments.
• A ravenous appetite to learn, measure, and drive the best experiences in our industry.
• Operational experience in direct-to-consumer offerings in video content distribution.
• Experience working within multi-cloud organizations.
• Transitioning large organizations towards a DevOps culture.
• Implementation experience in advanced CI/CD tools and techniques.
• Experience in the implementation and instantiation DevSecOps practices.