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Digital Media Specialist


Buenos Aires, Argentina 06-02-2021
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Job Description
1. Oversight the HBO MAX Latam media supply chain operation.
This position will have to reach approximately 10 teams for every piece of content, making sure each team is delivering their part in accordance with the process complex dependencies, flagging whenever this does not happen and following up to solve the issue that may have arisen because of this. This position will have access to read almost all systems, so its view will be very wide across the chain.
Failure to do this can result in hundreds of assets being re-processed, content not reaching HBO MAX in time, systems being blocked due to massive errors, etc.

2. Track the different steps involved in the GMSC for HBO Max and seek for automation solutions to do so. Alerts included
Among the involved systems that participate in HBO Max media delivery process there are not many automated tools to track title status. Updating them require manual intervention in many cases. The incumbent needs to apply development skills to work with databases, APIs or different tools to reach higher productivity for the HBO Max Latam media delivery pipeline, by for example setting alerts to warn about missing assets and errors.

3. Analysing failure points, escalate them, and to coordinate with other areas for its solution (regional and global)
The incumbent must identify failure points based on past data and process analysis. Based on this, the incumbent will generate operational procedures for his/her team and for other teams in order to minimize these failures when possible (for example creating a validation list for certain parameters prior to submitting a given task). The incumbent will also create triage mechanisms to quickly identify the escalation path of an issue/failure and work with the receiving areas to implement them.

4. Gathering data & metrics across the HBO MAX media supply chain for processes to feed live or close-to-live KPIs
The HBO MAX media supply chain has more than 15 systems with different data bases and different IDs for the same asset. Some integrations exist but some don't. Simple KPIs like ''percentage of content processed on each step of the chain'' require multiple data extracts and manual cross-referencing. The incumbent has to understand the data fields available on each system of the MSC, understand the data model, come up with ways to obtain KPIs from them (either manual or develop automatic ways of getting the when possible), and come up with system requirements to generate this process automatically.
The incumbent must create both detailed granular reports and short executive reports from these data, define and explain which KPIs are chosen and what do they show, and obtain sustainable ways of periodically generating said reports.

5. Connect with cross-functional teams on milestones like system integrations, launch of new features, premieres, etc to ensure the goal will be achieved from the content perspective without blocker failures.
Whenever there's a milestone that requires doing something different from BAU across multiple teams, such as Launch, a new integration of systems, a new system functionality, a content strategy change, etc, the incumbent will coordinate with other teams like MOC, Dub & Sub, Digital Ops, Content Strategy, Product, Technology, Infrastructure, 3rd parties, etc, so as to warrantee that anything related to content and the particular milestone is properly executed. For example, the US Technology team announces a feature change in the global media supply chain, the incumbent will analyse its impact on LATAM content processing teams and in case the impact involves changes to their processes, follow up that those changes will be in place in time for the milestone.

Job Requirements
1. Broad knowledge and experience in process analysis and system integrations on media companies
2. Ability to understand data models, DB queries and junior scripting skills
3. Experience in taking part in cross functional projects
4. Ability to build relationships and communicate with global contacts in a fast-paced ever-changing environment.
5. Degree or equivalent experience in Engineering (Systems, Telecommunications, Industrial) or Media related careers (Postproduction, Media Management, etc)
6. Fluent in speaking, writing and reading English. Advanced level or higher (more than 70% of interactions are with English speaking stake holders)
7. Experience in interacting with product teams of direct to consumer applications

1. Experience in Working in a multinational corporation
2. Experience in other roles in media companies (product, postproduction, engineering)
3. Ability to work and create trusting relationships with extended cross-cultural multi-country team

Jobcode: Reference SBJ-gp16mo-3-236-98-69-42 in your application.