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Responsible for processing financial transactions relating to new hires, rehires, promotions, raises, tax information, benefit deductions, awards, leaves of absence, expense reimbursements, bonuses, garnishments, child support withholdings, and other accounting functions.


Responsible for administration and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements, including researching, processing and resolving claims on behalf of performers under SAG-AFTRA contracts. Interpret contractual provisions for performers, talent agents, and production personnel. Responsible for handling signatory processes and production monitoring. Participate in outreach and educational events.


The Executive Director Labor Relations role responsibilities include participation in industry-wide collective bargaining negotiations with entertainment industry Unions and Guilds, contract interpretation, advice and administration and grievance handling.


The Program Manager for the Los Angeles Local plans, organizes, and implements various programs for the Local.


The Payroll Specialist processes payroll for assigned shows and to be the point of contact for the client in aspects of payroll processing. The Payroll Specialist is expected to proficiently demonstrate payroll processing ability in all US related payrolls, union and non-union. Extensive knowledge of all (Hollywood) I.A.T.S.E. locals, guilds and contracts, both TV and Theatrical, is highly preferred


Protect the interests of SAG-AFTRA and its members by negotiating and enforcing SAG-AFTRA broadcast collective bargaining agreements in all matters relating to the terms and conditions of employment for broadcast employees, as well as member outreach through station visits and bargaining unit meetings.


Leads and directs the daily functions of the Residuals Claims department, providing support, guidance and direction to managers and team members.


The Business Representative will enforce the residuals provisions of the various SAG-AFTRA agreements.


The Data Analyst is responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing, reporting and communicating employment, industry and operational data relevant to SAG-AFTRA contracts


The ASCAP Foundation seeks an Executive Director who will provide leadership and guidance to the Foundation ensuring growth and consistent achievement of the organization's mission and financial objectives


Within guidelines and under supervision, is responsible for researching, processing and resolving claims on behalf of performers under SAG-AFTRA contracts.


The Organizer will implement major internal and external organizing campaigns for the Union.

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