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You are a student looking for a first opportunity in the games industry, with a natural instinct for problem solving and leadership.


You will work with owners of other parts of the game to make sure the engagement systems follow the direction and work in harmony with the game


You will design the layout, flow, pacing and overall player experience of a level or a part of a level. You will be an essential part of the entire process - from level concept, layout blockouts and all the way to polish and bug fixing.


We are looking for master's students with a background in computer science or a related subject. You are structured and can research a subject and come up with a solution to a suggested subject.


You will improve the development of game modes by extending on the game vision and use your knowledge of player empathy to guide your decisions. You will alternate between implementing game mode designs in collaboration with the game mode design team and also collaborative with other development discipline like UI script, UX design, code narrative.


You will: Work with a mentor from the Technical Design team at DICE. Help develop advanced systems together with a more senior Technical Designer. Implement smaller scripting or game design work when needed during parts of production together with designers. Find and fix smaller bugs in different technical design systems. Provide technical feedback and support to the designers with the support of more senior Technical Designers. Responsibilities. You will be part of developing systems, solutions or workflows that can be used by other designers. You will be part of reviewing technical implementations. What We Look For. Have an interest in design processes, content creation, engines features, tools and pipelines. Want to work towards a mastery of Frostbite and our editor FrostEd.


You will: Provide support for our Development Directors and Producers with project related tasks. Gain practical experience in how we apply multiple project management methodologies to different areas of our production process. Help to build data to make priority decisions and update management on progress. Participate to the different Development Director meetings and sprint planning.


We are looking for students with a background in computer science and machine learning techniques and have an interest to work on state-of-art tools for games. Experience in Unity, Unreal, Maya, or Houdini will also improve your merits.


What we look for in an intern is passion for your craft and a fundamental understanding of the workflows related to your discipline.


What we look for in an intern is passion for your craft and a fundamental understanding of the workflows related to your discipline.


At we need the right people for the job and now we are looking for the next generation of DICErs. This is hopefully where you come into the picture, as we're looking for motivated and enthusiastic students who want to join DICE for their internship.

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