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This Video Operations team is responsible for supporting the video delivery and architecture of VOD and Live content that is streamed on over 15 platforms.


The Tech Strategy Intern will support the Tech Strategy team in key initiatives. Tech Strategy is part of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The focus is on long-term planning and key initiatives around capabilities, maturity, org design, workflow processes, tech infrastructure, partnerships and vision.


This individual will identify opportunities to increase users, engagement and monetization on existing or new partner platforms through detailed analyses and robust insights. You will work with internal stakeholders, such as distribution, finance, growth marketing, business intelligence, etc.


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The CBS Broadcast Distribution Group is responsible for the design, build and deployment of distribution technology for the Networks of CBS, CW, Dabl, and PitchBlue Syndication. In addition to distribution systems, the department also supports the internal global Video and Data WANs linking CBS production & News facilities, and the remote venues in support of CBS Sports & Entertainment.

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