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8 Fresh Graphic Design Listings
Friday, September 01 2023

Unleash your creative talents with these promising job opportunities all across the spectrum of graphic and creative design in the entertainment industry.

Discover 8 Exciting Production Office Jobs
Wednesday, May 10 2023

Interested in TV/Film Production? Get your foot in the door with these incredible Production Office opportunities on ShowbizJobs!

8 New Entertainment Finance & Accounting Listings
Friday, May 05 2023

If you are eager to showcase your expertise in finance within the entertainment industry, look no further because we've got you covered with these new listings.

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7 Enticing Entertainment Marketing Internships
Tuesday, April 25 2023

Are you a passionate and ambitious individual looking to break into the exciting world of entertainment marketing and advertising? ShowbizJobs has got you covered with our latest internship listings!

9 Noteworthy Entertainment Job in Legal & Business Affairs
Saturday, April 22 2023

Are you a legal expert with a passion for the entertainment industry? ShowbizJobs brings you some of the most exciting new opportunities in Legal and Business Affairs!

4 New and Alluring Animation Internships
Monday, April 17 2023

Head over to ShowbizJobs for 4 incredible Animation internship opportunities that are sure to kickstart your career in the entertainment industry.

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8 Amazing Entertainment Jobs in the ATL
Wednesday, April 12 2023

Are you ready to kickstart your career in the entertainment industry in Atlanta? We have fantastic opportunities that are perfect for those seeking to work in The Big Peach.

6 Great New Entertainment Internships in LA
Monday, April 10 2023

Attention aspiring entertainment industry superstars! If you're on the hunt for the perfect Los Angeles based internship to jumpstart your career, look no further.

Score Big with 6 New Sports Listings
Friday, April 07 2023

Are you passionate about sports and want to work in the entertainment industry? Look no further, as ShowbizJobs brings you a fantastic range of new sports listings!

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The Art of Attracting Top Talent: Crafting Postings to 'Sell' Your Jobs to Potential Applicants
Wednesday, April 05 2023

As an employer, have you ever found yourself struggling to attract the right crop of candidates to your job listings and wondering why your postings aren't generating the interest that they used to? Here's how to fix it.

5 Podcast Listings for Rising Stars
Monday, April 03 2023

Dive into the exciting world of entertainment and audio with our latest podcast listings on ShowbizJobs.

Internship Bonanza: 8 New Entertainment Intern Listings
Friday, March 31 2023

Looking for a foot in the door to start your journey into the dazzling world of entertainment?

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Creating Compelling Job Listings with ChatGPT
Wednesday, March 29 2023

Employers: Are you struggling to attract the right candidates with your job listings? ChatGPT could be the answer.

Explore 7 New Live Entertainment Jobs
Monday, March 27 2023

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of live entertainment by exploring our latest job listings at ShowbizJobs.

7 Awesome New TV Station Jobs
Friday, March 24 2023

Want to break into television or TV news? Check out the latest TV Station listings on!

"In life, the challenge is not so much to figure out how best to play the game; the challenge is to figure out what game you’re playing."- Kwame Appiah
ChatGPT: A Revolutionary Tool For Cover Letters
Wednesday, March 22 2023

Creating a captivating cover letter can be both intimidating and time-consuming. But you can now leverage a new tool to make it a breeze. It’s called ChatGPT.

9 Exciting NY Entertainment Internships
Monday, March 20 2023

Are you an ambitious, creative student looking to kickstart your career in the dazzling NY entertainment industry?

5 Hot New Jobs in Entertainment Marketing
Friday, March 17 2023

Are you passionate about working in marketing/PR/advertising in the entertainment industry? has got you covered!

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."- Milton Berle
March Forward Toward Your #DreamJob!
Wednesday, March 15 2023

As we venture into mid-March, we're here to help you land your dream entertainment job. This week, we're focusing on networking strategies and stress management tips for your job search journey.

7 New Graphic Design Jobs in Entertainment
Friday, September 24 2021

Do you have a talent for design and want to work in show business? Check out these 9 brand new Graphic Design jobs that will showcase your talent and polish your portfolio.

6 New Production Crew Jobs in Los Angeles
Friday, September 17 2021

If you live in the Entertainment Capital of the World and are looking for a production job, ShowbizJobs has thousands of them just like these 6. Check them out today!

5 New Entry Level Entertainment Jobs in NY, LA, & Chicago
Tuesday, September 14 2021

If you are looking to get your entertainment career started in 3 of the premier entertainment markets, look no further than!

6 New Entertainment Jobs in Miami
Friday, July 30 2021

From South Beach to Coconut Grove, Miami is one of the hottest entertainment markets in the world. Check out these 6 new jobs in Miami on ShowbizJobs right now!

8 Amazing New Sales Jobs in Entertainment
Monday, July 26 2021

If you know sales and business development, check out these 8 new amazing positions on

5 New Entertainment Legal / Business Affairs Jobs in LA
Wednesday, July 21 2021

If you have a law degree or have experience as a paralegal, there are plenty of active entertainment jobs for you. Check out these 5 and many more on

6 New Entertainment HR Jobs
Tuesday, July 13 2021

Calling all expert HR Reps! We've got 6 Brand New Entertainment HR Listings for talent recruiters. Apply today on ShowbizJobs!

6 New Production Assistant Jobs
Thursday, July 08 2021

Are you interested in learning the ropes of production as a Production Assistant. Here are 6 new PA jobs available right now on!

7 Great Entertainment Marketing Jobs in NY
Tuesday, July 06 2021

If you are interested in brand building and entertainment, take a look at these 7 New Marketing Jobs on

6 Entry Level Music Jobs
Friday, July 02 2021

Are you interested in working in the music business? Here are 6 brand new entry level music jobs in LA, NY, and Nashville to get your career started. Apply today on ShowbizJobs!

5 Amazing New Jobs at Pixar
Thursday, July 01 2021

Do you want to work at one of the industry's most revered animation studios? Here are 5 new jobs at Pixar for folks interested in production, animation, and post production. Apply on ShowbizJobs today!

6 New Casting Office Jobs in LA
Wednesday, June 30 2021

Finding the right person for the role can be an incredible challenge that can make or break a production. Here are 6 new casting jobs in Los Angeles on!

6 TV Station Jobs In Boston
Tuesday, June 29 2021

How 'bout them apples? We have plenty of TV station jobs in cities across the country including these 6 new jobs in Beantown. Check them out on ShowbizJobs!

9 Recently Listed Radio Jobs in Entertainment
Monday, June 28 2021

Even though radio is one of the oldest mediums in entertainment, it's still going strong in 2021! If you are interested in working in Radio, check out these 9 new radio jobs on

8 New Entertainment Jobs in Fashion
Wednesday, June 23 2021

If you eat, sleep, and dream fashion, here are 8 new jobs in the fashion industry where you can fulfill those dreams. Check them out on today!

6 Entry Level TV Network / Studio Jobs
Tuesday, June 22 2021

Check out these 6 new entry level TV Studio jobs, perfect for someone looking to break into the entertainment industry. Apply today on ShowbizJobs!

6 Amazing New Live Entertainment Jobs
Friday, June 18 2021

Do you love going to concerts and live entertainment? Well, what about working in that arena? ShowbizJobs has lots of Live Entertainment jobs in cities across the nation. Apply today!

8 Recently Listed Entertainment Finance Jobs
Thursday, June 17 2021

Show me the money!! If you have financial or accounting skills and want to work in the crazy world of Entertainment Finance, here are 8 new listings you should check out ASAP!

5 New Entertainment PR Jobs in NY, LA, SF
Wednesday, June 16 2021

If you are a true image shaper who can help generate positive publicity for your clients, here are 5 great Public Relations jobs available now on

7 New Video Game Internships
Tuesday, June 15 2021

Are you interested in working a sector of entertainment bigger than Music and Feature Film combined? Video games are a great entry point to many different areas of entertainment - here are 7 internships to build some experience on your resume.

7 New Entertainment Jobs in Pittsburgh
Monday, June 14 2021

Some other websites just list entertainment jobs in LA or NY. ShowbizJobs has over 11,000 jobs in cities across the globe including dozens in Pittsburgh PA. #FindYourDreamJob

7 News and Sports Photographer Jobs
Friday, June 11 2021

If you love photography and want to make it your career, here are 7 active News Photographer jobs that are available on ShowbizJobs right now!

7 Awesome New Film Jobs
Thursday, June 10 2021

Are you a film buff who would do anything to work on the silver screen? Here are 7 great film jobs for a variety of different skillsets.

6 Brand New Digital Publishing Jobs
Wednesday, June 09 2021

Calling all writers and online content creators! If you can create engaging digital and social media content and want your work to be published on major entertainment websites, here are 6 new digital publishing jobs that you should check out today on!

5 New Entertainment HR Jobs
Tuesday, June 08 2021

Finding talent isn't easy in today's competive job market. If you are an HR expert and looking to work at a major entertainment company, start with these 5 Entertainment HR jobs on!

8 New Entry Level Entertainment Jobs in LA
Monday, June 07 2021

Breaking into the entertainment industry can be challenging but not for ShowbizJobs members. Here are 8 brand new entry level jobs in The Entertainment Capital of the World!

6 Amazing New Podcast Jobs
Friday, June 04 2021

Are you interesed in working in one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry? Podcasting is exploding and, whether you are interested in production or sales, there are plenty of new listings out there for the right candidates.

6 New Sports Internships in Entertainment
Thursday, June 03 2021

Hey sportsfans - are you a college student looking to break into the sports business? Here are 6 opportunities on ShowbizJobs to get experience in the sports arena and start your career.

7 Entertainment Marketing Jobs in NY & LA
Wednesday, June 02 2021

If you are looking for a great marketing job in NY or LA, look no further than We have hundreds of jobs just like these 7 new listings.

10 New Production Jobs at Netflix
Tuesday, June 01 2021

Are you interested in working for one of the most creative production studios on the planet? Check out these 10 recent production jobs at Netflix on ShowbizJobs.

8 New Film Studio Creative / Production Office Jobs
Friday, May 28 2021

If your interest in entertainment is more on the development / creative side of the process, here are 8 fantastic new ShowbizJobs listings at studios like Amazon, Paramount, and Lionsgate. Apply today!

8 New Entry Level Entertainment Jobs In Atlanta
Thursday, May 27 2021

If you live in the ATL and want to work at one of the many great entertainment companies based there, here are 8 new listings to get your foot in the door.

7 Just Published Sales Jobs in Entertainment
Wednesday, May 26 2021

If you are looking to launch a career in entertainment, sales and business development jobs are a terrific place to start. Here are 7 brand new sales jobs in cities across the country.

9 New Talent Agency Jobs in New York, Nashville, and LA
Tuesday, May 25 2021

Are you a budding Ari Gold from Entourage and interested in working in the fast paced Talent / Management space? Check out these 9 jobs at major agencies like CAA, Endeavor, and UTA.

9 TV Station Internships For College Students
Monday, May 24 2021

If you are a college student looking to start a career in Television, here are 9 great TV Station internships to put some great experience on your resume!

8 Great New Entertainment Jobs in San Francisco
Friday, May 21 2021

Do you live in the Bay Area? Looking for that next great Entertainment job? Here are 8 brand new listings in The Golden City.

5 Marketing Virtual Internships
Thursday, May 20 2021

Hey students - now is the time to start applying to Fall Internships. Here are 5 Marketing internships that you can do remotely. Get your application in soon before they close out!

6 New Vancouver VFX Jobs
Tuesday, May 18 2021

Vancouver is one of the hotbeds of the entertainment world, especially for VFX jobs. Here are 6 new jobs that can get your VFX career rolling.

5 Brand New Post Production Jobs for Video Editors
Monday, May 17 2021

ShowbizJobs has hundreds of Video Editing jobs including these 5 new listings for junior editors through senior level experts.

7 Entry Level Entertainment Jobs in Chicago
Friday, May 14 2021

If you are a resident of the Windy City and want to break into the entertainment business, here are 7 great entry level jobs to start an incredible career.

Love Sports? Kick Off your Career with 9 Sports Jobs
Thursday, May 13 2021

If you love sports and want to make it your career, check out these 9 jobs in Sales, Marketing or as a Sports Reporter. Go Team!

8 Entertainment Legal Affairs Jobs in NY & LA
Wednesday, May 12 2021

If you have a law degree and want to work in Entertainment, here are some great jobs to put your degree to work.

How to Get Paid to Play Video Games
Tuesday, May 11 2021

If you are looking to get a job as a video game tester, here's how to do it...

9 Creative Writing Jobs in New York and California
Monday, May 10 2021

If you've got the writing bug and want to hone your craft at a publisher, marketing agency, or online blog, we've got 9 jobs that you can apply to right now.

10 Video Game Tester Jobs for Aspiring Game Developers
Thursday, May 06 2021

Do you live, breathe, and eat all things Video Games? Would you love to work in an industry that is larger than Movies and Music combined? Take a look at these 10 Video Game Test Jobs from major game companies like Playstation, Activision, and Raven Software.

New York: 6 New Entry Level Positions In Entertainment
Wednesday, May 05 2021

If you live in the Big Apple and dream of working in Entertainment, here are 6 great job listings to get your feet wet and learn the biz.

7 New Remote Internships To Launch Your Career
Tuesday, May 04 2021

Are you a student looking to launch your career in the entertainment industry? Don't live in New York or Los Angeles? Here are 7 Virtual Internships that are available now that will help you learn and put that first big name on your resume.

5 Great New Animation Jobs in Los Angeles & Vancouver
Monday, May 03 2021

Los Angeles and Vancouver are two of the best markets for creative professionals looking for Animation Jobs. Here are 5 great new Animation listings from the past few days to jumpstart your Animation career.

5 Brand New Production Assistant Jobs In NY & LA
Sunday, May 02 2021

Check out these 5 great Production Assistant jobs at major networks like NBC, CNN and Fox. If you are looking to start your career in entertainment, you can find listings like these and many more on!

7 Awesome New Entertainment Marketing Jobs
Friday, April 30 2021

The Entertainment industry is coming back and these 7 new entertainment marketing jobs could be your big break to building an amazing career in Film and Television.

5 Hot New Music Jobs in LA and Nashville
Thursday, April 29 2021

Looking to start a career in the music industry? Check out these 5 listings from the past week in two major music markets, Los Angeles & Nashville.