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As a Weapons Animator you will have a great understanding of real-world weapons and military gadgets with a strong passion for creating both realistic and stylized animations. In this roll you will be working alongside experienced Raven artists and the Motion Capture team to produce content for high profile games.


As a Technical Rigging Animator, you will work alongside and support the Animation Team creating character, vehicle, weapon rigs and tools needed to support a creative and efficient production pipeline.


RAVEN SOFTWARE, developer of numerous award-winning games, including contributions to the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, is looking for a talented and passionate Expert VFX Artist to join our high-caliber team. This position will play a key role in the creative design, asset management, and technical implementation of visual effects and design.


A timing director follows directions provided to complete clearly the digital exposure sheets.


As a Senior Technical Artist, will provide support building and delivering key technologies and workflows that enable artists and designers to quickly implement visual content into our games. The ideal candidate will have a strong eye for art quality and knowledge of real-time requirements and constraints.


Animators are responsible for producing high quality performance animation that is in line with the Director's creative vision. They create a believable performance and expressions of 3D CG characters and objects.


Design and implement complex skeletons, control rigs, secondary animation (fat, jiggle), and skin deformations. Design, develop, deploy, and maintain animation tools, workflows, and pipelines to improve production efficiency


Method Games is currently looking for a talented Lighting Artist to join our Vancouver team.


The Head of Department is responsible for day-to-day operations and long-term strategic management of the department. The Simulation Team comprises of Crowd, FX and TechAnim (Character FX).


Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for a Lighting/Compositing Artist. Illustration and digital painting skills are a great addition.


You will be responsible for scheduling and running all video game capture sessions. This includes contacting the capture artists and working with our video editors to assess their needs for various trailers and social media assets.


You will work side by side with our Lighting Leads. Together, you will help execute some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in video games. You and our team will be accomplishing this by having routine 1:1s, weekly team meetings, you will have an in-depth training period, and open dialog / high communication with adjacent teams.


Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for an FX Artist skilled, among other things, in Maya Fluids, RealFlow, and Nuke.


You will serve principally as a senior business and legal affairs executive for animated feature films and animated series content for Nickelodeon Animation Studios. This fantastic position will be located in Burbank, CA.


Seeking a Technical Support Specialist to join the Infrastructure team. The Technical Support Specialist provides high-performance operations support in a busy user environment.


Senior Generalists have the ability to create photo-real environments and landscapes, exhibiting a strong foundation in photo-realistic, traditional, and digital art skills with an emphasis on landscapes.


With an emphasis on anatomy and form, the Creature Modeler will create three dimensional CG characters to be painted, enveloped and animated by the creature development team.


Creates photo-real textures, both hand painted and from set photography to a level of detail necessary for hero CG assets


Creates high-quality digital composites and visual effects for live action feature films and seamlessly integrates the various layers of a shot


Creates and designs lighting for complex scenes; develops look for assets, animation files, simulations, and effects elements


Collaborate with our Capture Studio teams, assisting with day-to-day development issues, identifying problems and finding creative solutions. Working with software such as Maya, MotionBuilder , and Photoshop, as well as custom and proprietary software and tools.


Work with artist and animators on one of Activision's award-winning franchises. Help make new characters, environments, concepts, animations, UI, and/or armor.


At Beenox, a Lead has to contribute on more than one level. He/she acts as a facilitator at the operational, human, and technical levels.


As an FX Animation Intern you will help bring life and movement to our levels. This can be anything from a huge destruction sequence, to a flag blowing in a subtle breeze.


As a Visual Effects Intern you will work alongside the best and the brightest artists to learn different aspects of a VFX artist's responsibilities in a game production studio environment. You'll engage in creating real-time VFX assets with the opportunistic goal of having your work featured in Treyarch's next Call of Duty game.

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