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Software Developer - Marketing Intelligence


Beijing, China 06-24-2020
  • Paid
  • Full Time
  • Mid (2-5 years) Experience
Job Description

The MI (Marketing Intelligence) team is a comprehensive technical team in Hulu Beijing to support and optimize company-level marketing activities based on multi-purpose, multi-channel targeting on top of massive user data. Its members include data and backend engineers, researchers, algorithm engineers, and quality assurance engineers. Our mission is to use data and machine learning algorithms to improve marketing accuracy and conversion rate, and to achieve intelligence and refinement in the entire user management life cycle of customer acquisition, conversion, interaction, and retention, operation and finally increase user viscosity, reduce the cost of marketing activities, thus achieve both user and profit growth.
Our optimization goal is: ''Deliver the right information to the right users at the right time, through the right channels.'' In order to achieve this goal, we need to ensure that our data platform can provide stable, real-time and high-performance data support, and through batch and streaming processing, we can quickly respond to new data requirements. With the support and drive of data, algorithm engineers and researchers combine industry experience to research, apply and design industry-leading machine learning models to achieve accurate user portraits and personalized content recommendations. And business needs such as accurate prediction of user behavior trends, to achieve intelligent marketing strategies and behaviors. In short, we hope that under the background of the rapid growth of data volume, we can raise Hulu's market operation level to a new level by introducing advanced technologies and ideas in the industry.

• Work on large scale data processing and analysis to provide insights to improve the efficiency of Hulu's business
• Develop, scale, and improve the data pipeline/analytics/BI/User persona system.
• Participate in the design, architecture, and implementation of a data-engineering infrastructure
• Advocate engineering excellence, including use of design patterns, code review and automated unit/functional testing
• Continuously optimize service response time, address challenges such as improving service availability and scalability
• Collaborate with program managers and product managers, researchers, and marketers in an open, creative environment

• BS or MS degree in CS-related major
• 3+ years of professional programming and design experience in Scala/Java/Python and Linux
• Strong knowledge of Systems / Application Design & Architecture
• Experience with processing large amounts of data at the petabyte level
• Knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Spark, Pig, Kafka, Druid
• Excellent leadership and communication skills.
• Experiences on CRM / DMP / user persona related work is a plus