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London, United Kingdom 09-04-2020
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Job Description

Disney+ launched in North America, Australia, and New Zealand at the end of 2019. At the beginning of April 2020 we launched in some parts of Europe and we now have over 50 million subscribers globally.

We need your help to continue to scale until we've built a platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The User Services Team:

User Services is developing and supporting a highly distributed system that manages accounts, devices, profiles and other aspects of user data, ensuring a smooth and secure user journey. The activity data streams from our many services power several critical systems owned by other teams. We always look for ways to improve performance and experience for both internal and external users of our system.
Our teams work in small, cross-functional squads that promote Agile practices. We are an experienced backend development team who embrace functional programming, so you can expect to join a team that is applying principles from FP, Reactive Programming and Distributed Computing to build services using Scala, Akka, Play, Http4s and Cats. We use a wide range of cloud-native technologies including AWS (Kinesis, DynamoDB, Lambda), Docker.

The User Services team started out as part of Cake Solutions, a prominent Scala consultancy. Cake was acquired by Disney in 2018, so we have a lot of experienced engineers that are known across the Scala community.

We have a mature DevOps culture in place, where the team is responsible for the infrastructure and deployment of those applications - ''You build it, you run it.''

What you will do:

You will have the opportunity to work on interesting projects using Scala, Kinesis and DynamoDB with the aim to build software that is distributed, reactive and scalable.

You will:
• Contribute to a significant part of the implementation and deployment of services within your team.
• Work on challenging projects with large distributed systems that power Disney+ and ESPN+.
• Apply principled engineering practices including unit testing, integration testing, continuous integration.
• Develop your technical understanding to support and build your career through mentors and pairing.

You'll fit in well if you:
• Have some commercial experience with Scala.
• Have experience or at least an interest in functional programming.
• We'd love to see some experience in building highly resilient services using Akka/Play/Http4s in Scala, but any JVM (Scala, Java, Clojure) or Functional Language (Haskel, Lisp, Scheme) background is great!
• Have experience with public cloud technologies - we use AWS.
• Have experience with or an interest in DevOps tooling, we use both Cloudformation and Terraform.
• Knowledge of applying object-oriented and functional programming styles to real-world software engineering problems.
• Demonstrable understanding of high-quality coding and testing practices.
• Familiarity and experience (but at least curiosity) of continuous integration and continuous delivery practices.
• An appetite to learn new technologies and a drive for continual improvement.

The interview process:

The process is straightforward and has 3 main stages. You'll be pleased to hear there's not a take-home test and the whole process can be done remotely if necessary.

It begins with an initial and very informal introduction call with our in-house recruiter. From there if we both agree there's a good match, you'll have a 1-hour fact-finding/fairly technical meeting with two members of the tech team. If we both agree to progress, this will be followed by a 2-hour meeting with another two members of the engineering team. This stage will include a pair programming exercise.

Company Profile

Disney Streaming Services is responsible for developing and operating The Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer video businesses globally, including the ESPN+ and Disney+.

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