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Manager, Global Rights

A+E Networks

New York, NY 07-29-2020
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  • Temporary
  • Mid (2-5 years) Experience
Job Description


Much like medieval knights, our Legal and Business Affairs team protects the livelihood of the kingdom. We're the forgers of iron-clad contracts, overseers of content production and defenders of intellectual property rights. Given the competitive nature of our industry, collaboration and attention to detail are traits we highly prize, and you should value and match those attributes. Also, you should have a POV and enjoy staying tuned in to new commercial developments.

The Manager, Global Rights will directly contribute to A+E's new Footage Distribution initiative by visually vetting and rights assessing A+E archival content. This position will work closely with the Media Resources and Distribution teams to provide A+E Rights Cleared content to various Footage Sales Distributors. Cleared Footage will be released on a rolling deliverables basis and hence the ability to review a large volume of content will ensure Footage Distributors' content needs are met and that the revenue opportunity is optimized. In addition, by properly flagging any rights impaired clips, these roles protect A+E from financial and legal ramifications by ensuring only cleared content is released.

• Global Rights freelance position will contribute to A+E's Footage Distribution and Content Monetization Initiative by analyzing rights for images and a variety of footage – B-roll, CGI, Recreations, locations, etc.
• Candidate will use deep expertise in Intellectual Property and Third Party Rights to review and clear raw A+E content that has previously been unvetted for rights impairments.
• Candidate will visually review a large quantity of footage and images to assess for Third Party IP. They will also analyze respective license agreements to confirm underlying copyright ownership.
• Must be knowledgeable of Editorial vs Commercial Content uses within the industry and how that impacts clearance standards.
• Will utilize natural instincts for flagging Sensitive Subject Matters and making risk assessments when needed.

YOUR STORY: [+BEHAVIORS] (what you need to have)
• The candidate will have a four-year college degree
• 8+ years in footage research, Rights and Clearances, licensing and Intellectual Property.
• A deep understanding of all categories of Intellectual Property is required – logos, trademarks, buildings, products, artwork, characters, etc.
• An ability to handle a large volume of work and to perform daily duties autonomously, efficiently and utilizing an exceptionally high attention to detail
• Position can work remotely.

Please note project assignment associates are engaged to provide service to A+E Networks on a temporary basis in connection with a specific project. Project assignment associates are hired and employed through a third party vendor with a duration/tenure of no longer than eighteen (18) months.

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