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Sr. Software Engineer - Pipeline

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Burbank, CA 09-03-2020
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Job Description

At Walt Disney Animation Studios we have a deep commitment to the philosophy that creativity inspires technology, and technology inspires creativity. Engineers in our Production Technology department are charged with developing and implementing new solutions for unique and challenging problems for all of our animated content. We do this working alongside a user base that shares a collaborative environment with us, and uses the code we develop to make our feature films.
Projects Include
• Production data management and version control
• Workflow orchestration
• Storage orchestration
• Data mining and machine learning

We are adding one more talented developer to our Technology team. In this role, you will partner with technical directors, other software engineers, and technology leadership on the design and implementation of new studio infrastructure to service the needs of film production at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The ideal candidate will enjoy a diversity of challenges in building up and operating solutions which span the full software stack, from core compute, data management to developing APIs and management user interfaces. All projects share a common goal of simple and performant solutions to complex problems, and use agile development methodologies as part of
high-energy, proficient teams. The developer filling this role should welcome being assigned to a variety of projects, depending on studio needs.

Software engineers are highly supportive of each other, expected to demonstrate self-direction when needed, and learn through experiencing both success and failure. You must therefore be comfortable supporting your team by bringing fresh insight for shared problem solving. Also critical to success in this role is the ability to build trust and relationships with technical and non-technical users to understand their needs and pain points intimately, and deliver relevant solutions.
What does it mean to be a developer here at WDAS?
• Our engineers get the opportunity to work on the full stack of our tools, from developing underlying infrastructure through building intuitive artist-friendly interfaces.
• Work hand in hand with artists to make the tools we need for the incredibly complex and rich characters and environments featured in our movies.
• Develop on top of a highly performant, extensible in-house application framework.
• Develop new artist-centric interaction models using the latest hardware and technologies.

Key Qualifications
• BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other related field; or comparable industry experience
• Minimum of four years' experience designing and developing service-oriented infrastructure
• Ability to demonstrate strong software design and engineering skills; familiar with enterprise integration patterns and their appropriate use
• Must be competent in the design and implementation of maintainable code in two or more of the follow languages; Go, Scala, Java, Python, Rust, and C++11 or later
• Experience building highly scalable and fault tolerant service architectures
• Able to identify, research, integrate, and adapt new technologies quickly as business needs evolve
• Experienced developing high-performance, highly concurrent, asynchronous code strongly desired. Exemplary communication, team working and problem-solving skills, balancing the timeliness of solutions with their sustainability
• Able to prioritize competing demands based on business value
• Effective listener: Able to engage with engineers and artists to understand their requirements and infer practical solutions

Bonus Qualifications
• Relational, graph, and key/value networked storage engines (FoundationDB, CockroachDB, JanusGraph, PostgreSQL, Neo4j)
• Containerization and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes)
• Asynchronous messaging technologies (Kafka, AMQP, Pulsar)
• Storage technologies (object stores, NFS, pNFS, Ceph, Gluster)
• RPC frameworks (gRPC, REST, SOAP)
• Concurrency patterns (actor/agent-based modeling or event driven architectures)
• Domain Driven Design workplace experience
• Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern experience
• Linux, OS X, or BSD systems experience
• Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (multi-cloud or shared on/off-prem systems experience)
• Comfortable with a polyglot programming language workplace

Company Profile
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Combining masterful artistry and storytelling with groundbreaking technology, Walt Disney Animation Studios is a filmmaker-driven animation studio responsible for creating some of the most beloved films ever made.
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