Production Graduate Program

Moving Picture Company

Montreal, QC 07-29-2020
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Job Description

* Next Production Graduate Program Intake Scheduled for 2021 *
Our graduate program is like no other, setting you up for a successful career towards becoming a Film and TV Producer for either large scale production or episodic content.

About MPC Film

What will you do?

You will stretch your own capabilities, challenge the status quo, strive to take your learning to the next level and improve services for our clients. Completing a number of rotations throughout the 12 month programme, you will gain a complete overview of the role and acquire the skills to operate as a VFX Production Manager.

The rotations will include:
• Finance Management – You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to take on corporate finance responsibilities, accounting and financial analysis, and methods of considering the most commercial value for money, to allow you to make sound decisions on revenue, make effective risk assessments and allocate resources for optimum results.
• Show Analysis and Workforce Planning - You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable you to provide data-based solutions to support effective decision-making within our shows by providing high quality, timely analysis and intelligence, structure problems and develop appropriate analytical solutions, analyse and triangulate data, provide insight and give persuasive explanations of complex concepts orally and in writing to a range of audiences, in a clear and accessible manner.
• Leadership and General Management
- You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable you to make real improvements at the front line, allow you to develop your own leadership skills to be the leader of the future, understand and drive strategic direction, lead operations, understand how you contribute to maintaining a learning organisation and create effective relationships with stakeholders.
• Show Planning & Production Management - You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable you to effectively combine the pieces of the puzzle and keep the show on track. You will learn effective scheduling, balancing show and facility needs, how to hold Dailies and other meeting management skills, and motivate the team towards combined goal.
• Talent Management - You will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable you to make people changes, to ensure you value equality and diversity, help mould culture and communication, support and drive changes on real strategic issues, ensure the company is equipped to have the right people and skills in the right place at the right time.

Where can this lead?
• If you are successful and graduate from the programme as a Production Manager, you could be on your way to becoming a VFX Producer and working with some of the biggest Entertainment studios in the world across blockbuster movies and episodic content.


Who will this suit?

We are looking for people who are graduating this year (or have recently graduated) with a Business or business-related degree. You do not need to have any experience of working in the film or VFX industry, but you do need to have the special combination of traits listed below.
• Excellent communication skills. You will be comfortable in dealing with ambiguity whilst still communicating coherently and influencing change through presenting a clear vision.
• Innovative leaders. You will always look for opportunities to do things differently, whilst anticipating economic, social and technological opportunities and risks.
• Innate personal confidence. You thrive in an environment that at times can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).
• Strong influencing skills. You have strong influencing skills and the ability to build collaborative relationships that balance challenge with support and build trust and mutual respect across organisational boundaries.
• Effective Decision Making. You are able to use sound judgement and evidence to make effective decisions in the face of uncertainty.
• Ability to move globally. You are willing to be highly mobile and you have the desire and flexibility to want to work in different locations- it is important to note that the role, after completion of the Graduate Scheme, can be in any of our locations.
• Dedicated multi-taskers. You are comfortable working on several projects at any one time. You are able to prioritize and manage your time while keeping on top of constantly changing markets. You adhere to the rules and regulations we have to ensure you deliver the right results for multiple projects.
• Passionate role models. You are able to inspire, lead, manage and listen to both individuals and teams, building relationships that encourage mutual respect.

Company Profile
Moving Picture Company
The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a global creative studio with a single goal: to create experiences that move people. With decades of storytelling experience, we are perpetually pushing the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible to tell visually stunning stories. MPC continues to lead in an ever-evolving industry, building authentic and long-lasting connections with audiences across all channels.