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Motive Studios is seeking an exceptional Gameplay Technical Director to join our team. The Gameplay TD will be expected to partner with design leads alongside senior engineering leadership to deliver adaptable technical designs and strategy, precise execution, and balanced risk management to help ensure and maintain the success of a gameplay experience.


RESPONSABILITIES • Leverages current technology research and development trends to innovate and advance Scanline's graphics feature development • Develops new and enhances existing graphics technologies (rendering, lighting, shadows, shaders, etc.) state-of-the-art components and applications for mission-critical, high performance, and globally distributed systems


You will work with rendering researchers to help build technology to create game worlds of the future. As an artist with a technical background in game engine pipelines, you will explore the boundaries of real-time visuals, and develop new approaches that accelerate the creation of massive and detailed next-generation game worlds at scale, quality, and ease.


Looking for an Associate Systems Quality Designer to join an established, experienced team of working on a AAA title in development at EA Montreal.


KEY RESPONSIBILITIES • Plans and coordinates compositing deliveries • Manages a team of up to 25 compositors across global studios • Monitors team's progress and helps diagnose and solve problems • Ensures deliveries are completed to the highest standard, both technically and creatively • Provides input to Head of 2D and pipeline team on compositor performance, compositing pipeline, and workflows


You will ensure the quality verification strategy is supported by the correct structure and skills, while building an organization focused on upstream bug prevention using technology. As the senior member of the QV team in Montreal reporting to the QV Sr.


RESPONSIBILITIES: Creates content for immersive experiences for real-time applications and virtual film production. Creates tools using C++, Blueprints, and Python Explore technologies in Virtual Production such as motion trackers, LED screens and robotics.


RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide organization-wide help desk and server support. Assist in addressing business and technical needs. Work independently and in teams on administrative and technical projects. Provision and maintain employee equipment. Monitoring and maintenance of a variety of physical and logical systems


RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintain current systems and implement new systems. Mentoring and training team members. Perform research and development for technical strategy and future systems; define and advocate software solutions and options using SWOT metrics. Provide Tier 3 level escalation support for difficult to solve incidents. Collaborate with IT and pipeline team to resolve cross-department technical problems and diagnose root causes of incidents


RESPONSIBILITIES • Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize network rendering resources • Monitor and report resource utilization such as disk space, node usage, job saturation, etc. • Identify and diagnose failing renders and malfunctioning render machines • Monitor the render queue to maximize resource efficiency and handle job priorities


Minimum Requirements: • 3+ years of working experience or an extraordinary demo reel. • Expert knowledge of traditional animation principles and Hard Surface Animation. • Excellent knowledge in Maya.


RESPONSIBILITIES • Overall team management and resource planning such as recruitment, resource allocation, training, development and performance management • Collaboratively works with studio leadership; prioritizes and escalates show and overall studio pipeline tasks and solutions 


RESPONSIBILITIES • Partner with studio leadership to deliver the highest quality animation • Be accountable for incorporating a high level of quality in each scene • Work with animators and cross-department supervisors to identify and solve problems, both technically and artistically • Liaising with other production team members to ensure production deadlines are met


RESPONSIBILITIES • In tandem with the Digital Production Manager, constructs the initial High Level schedule of deliverable milestones and dates • Works with the supervisory team to assess the original scope of work and all creative iterative changes from a time, schedule and budget perspective • In tandem with the Digital Production Manager, helps determine show crewing and scheduling


RESPONSIBILITIES • Act as the primary technical leadership on the show level. Hands-on troubleshooting, overall pipeline planning, workflow decisions • Ensure adequate pre-production and testing of new concepts/techniques prior to production • Conduct audits and advise Sr.


RESPONSIBILITIES • Works directly with leadership team and other VFX Supervisors to determine and advise technical solutions; Directs and supervises artists in the completion of final shots • Ensure quality of work is of the highest standards • Advises and ensures timely delivery of production department assignments and scheduling • Collaborates with other department managers on dailies, workflow and pipeline strategies, providing ongoing improvement to processes and methodology • Responsible for workflow, organization, shot continuity, grain continuity, and quality control metrics


3D/CG Generalist (Maya) Minimum Requirements: • Demo reel that shows strong artistic skills including a strong sense of color, lighting, perspective, scale, and composition • Excellent attention to detail • Ability to meet deadlines • Ability to take on a delegated task with a minimum of supervision


RESPONSIBILITIES • Works with production team to create the desired animation controls and qualities for objects and characters • Tests and trouble shoots animation controls and makes adjustments as necessary throughout the production cycle • Receives direction from leadership and escalates issues quickly, as needed • Build/design advanced characters, creatures, vehicles and props in Maya using in-house tools and pipeline.


Be responsible for cost estimation, cost tracking and weekly producer reports. Interact with clients, managing meetings, quickly assessing project needs, as well as managing budget and schedule in relation to the facility.


Create digital crowd behaviors and simulations to achieve the look, movement, and style envisioned by the Director & Production. Collaborate and communicate with VFX/CG Supervisors and Producers in order to implement efficient and effective ways to integrate crowd pipeline


RESPONSIBILITIES • Works with production team to create the desired animation controls and qualities for objects and characters. • Tests, trouble shoots animation controls and makes adjustments as necessary throughout the production cycle as they arise. • Receives direction from leadership and escalates issues quickly, as needed.


RESPONSIBILITIES. Works daily with Rigging Management team to identify and implement existing and new features. Attends daily scrum meetings. Designs and builds QT UI toolsets to augment the existing rigging pipeline. Prototype custom geometry deformers. Attends production meetings as need for information and requirements gathering


RESPONSIBILITIES • Create visually striking composition based on shot description and/or storyboard • Match references such as Previs and/or images if provided • Supplement shots with simple but convincing animation, lighting and FX to aid story-telling • Stitch Plate-based shots into a Full CG environment and vice versa • Assemble the correct combination of Assets in a shot for use in downstream departments


Responsibilities: To roto-animate a variety of characters to match the film backplates for various film projects and maintain consistent shot quality. Work closely with Roto Animation Supervisor / Leads to create convincing performances and motion of characters and objects in both screen and 3D space within the animation package for the addition of CG effects


Responsibilities: To derive accurate camera & object 3d solutions adhering to all provided camera & subject specifications (eg: focal length, film back, lens distortion, rolling shutter etc.). To be able to follow direction and take ownership of tasks. To be able to confidently flag when t

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