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The Contracts Manager, Legal Executive, Licensing will draft and review a wide range of commercial agreements, including software and content licenses, consulting agreements, SAAS agreements (including data protection agreements), influencer and promotion agreements. They will also be adept at escalating issues to appropriate internal stakeholders. The role will be comfortable adapting templates for different needs under the direction of a Senior Associate and/or Product Counsel. The Licensing Associate will have a law degree/PGDL or equivalent practical experience.


We are looking for a Senior UX Researcher who should not only love to play games but also have a passion for shaping and evaluating the gaming experience.


As a Screenshots Artist you will work with a team of Creative Artists to capture 2D content from the game - such as screenshots and renders - that we use to market our games.


The Secure Product Engineering & Anti-Cheat Response team ensures that all EA products are developed with the security and gameplay integrity of our players as a top priority.


As an engineer with the Criterion Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) Team and as a member of the worldwide Quality Verification (QV) organisation, you will help ensure that a game will always be stable through every stage of development.


You will be responsible for managing a development team. This can range from artists, designers, software engineers, QA and other production staff.


Maxis is looking for an Experience Designer II, with experience leading design on large-scale products/games and experience working on social networks, e-commerce, and live services in both game and non-gaming products.


As a Designer on The Sims, you'll work with a team of enthusiastic industry craftspeople from all walks of life.


The Sims 4 is looking for an Object Modeler. Architecture, furniture, machinery, vehicles, vegetation; as an Object Modeler you create all of these and more.


As a Software Engineer on The Sims, your job will be to architect, implement, and maintain user-facing content for the Sims using Python and C++.


As a Client Software Engineer on The Sims, you will work on the client systems within the game.


The Game Design Lead role will be responsible for defining, and working with their teams to develop core 'Need For Speed' player experiences. We are looking for candidates who are passionate about working in areas including Campaign design, Event design or Multi-player design.


As a Technical Artist, you will report to Frostbite's Creative Director, as a part of the Frostbite content example team.


The role will report into our Gameplay Design Director who directs all our gameplay teams.


The Campaign Design Lead role will work with the Campaign Design Director to establish, and work with their teams to achieve, the campaign gameplay player experience - the core single player journey within NFS.


The cops experience is core to NFS, it is one of our differentiating features and thus of essential importance.


For development teams looking to increase efficiencies and improve quality of their software, one of the most important places to focus is the software build process.


The UI/UX Artist's job will be to achieve the visual quality and overall presentation of the player experience in software, working with UX Design Leads and Technical disciplines to ensure intuitive interfaces & rewarding player feedback that guides players through a complex network of selection, customization screens, presentation sequences and game modes.


The IT support role handles Tier 1 and 2 support tasks, as well as performing some network and server management tasks.


We are looking for a project manager working in a remote capacity from the UK who


We're looking for a Shader Technical artists who can create shaders across a range of styles from photo-real and physically based to unique creative styles using a combination of creative skill and technical shader creation techniques.


Criterion is looking for an accomplished UX expert, someone with a formal or practical training in all the psychological and design principles and methodologies surrounding UCD, from research methodologies to heuristic evaluation.


We are looking for a Senior Development Director who will play an important role in our leadership team. You will manage project and resource planning, balance scope with capacity, track progress, implement and improve processes, mentor other Development Directors, and manage risks and mitigation


As a Commercial Asset Manager, you will deliver consumer-facing packaging, digital at retail and display assets to support EA's local territory marketing campaigns.

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