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Are you a Render and Data Wrangler interested in working with us in our Vancouver studio?! The Render and Data Wrangler works within the Digital Resources team. They are responsible to assess the animation with the Lead, before its final output to film and video as well as for adding texture, lighting and depth to the original wireframe animation.


We are always looking to recruit dedicated craftspeople to help bring groundbreaking new ideas to life and that starts with you! We are leading the way in animated content for TV series, TV movies, shorts and theatrical features.


At BioWare, our mission is to create worlds of adventure, conflict, and companionship that inspire you to become the hero of your story. Our teams drive innovation using cutting-edge tech and tools such as the Frostbite engine and collaborate with thousands of world-class developers across EA's network of studios.


Are you a Modeller interested in working with us in our Vancouver studio?! The Environment Modelling Artist will interpret a variety of media from our art department and create applicable, working 3D models back into the pipeline ready for utilisation by other departments.


Netflix's is looking to hire a Production Payroll Manager to support our burgeoning animation studio in Los Angeles. This person will help to design and build payroll best practices for both our union and non-union employees (ATL and BTL), define and manage pay practices and workflows, and provide general financial oversight.


We are looking for an engineer who reflects the innovative spirit, creative talent, production excellence, collaborative mindset, and passion for great storytelling that define ILM and ILMxLAB.


A Development Director manages a variety of disciplines including artists, designers, software engineers, QA and other production staff. DD's are the keepers of the project schedule and play an important role in successfully moving the development team from one project phase to the next


Walt Disney Animation Studios has been combining the best in artistry and storytelling with cutting-edge technology to bring wonderful new characters and adventures to the big screen for audiences around the world. We currently have an exciting opportunity for Effects Artists to join the team at our Burbank, CA studio.


At DreamWorks Animation Television, our General Production Assistant supports the Line Producer and Production Manager to meet the various administrative needs of animation production.


Character Effects department at DreamWorks Animation is responsible for both the set up and shot simulation of cloth, fur, hair, foliage, feathers, props, and other simulations as necessary on various projects.


We are looking for an experienced Senior Previz/Cinematic Animator to join our Star Wars team. In this role, you will plan out and create animatics/layouts for cinematic and gameplay sequences.


Looking for a Senior VFX Artist to join our successful development team working on a new IP.


Serve as a high level contributor to the development of the artistic techniques and processes utilized to define and achieve a product's visual style or encourage artistic evolution within the studio. Develop an extensive knowledge of the art production pipeline and all engine, tools and systems associated with the creation of art assets.


Design and iterate on the texture, color, and material properties of architectural and organic models and environments in a variety of visual styles


DreamWorks Animation Television has an exciting new opportunity for an Editor (Animatic) to join its team. Our Editors (Animatic) create animatics from storyboard images that serve as final animation reference.


We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Production Technology team, as a member of the team responsible for interactive visualization and real-time renderers at our studio.


They will work closely between the Animation and Character TD departments and help to improve processes and workflow. Job Duties. Creative: Execute first pass of quality control between Character departments by: confirming joint placements and basic deformation.


We are looking for a hardworking, and creative Senior Lighting Artist for our next chapter of cinematic story-telling. Become a part of the Visual Arts Group, and work with a multi-award winning team responsible for the cinematic performances in outstanding Sony PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, and other iconic series.


Solid understanding of lighting, particle systems, post-processes, material setup, blueprint scripting and general workflows in Unreal Engine. Knowledge of one or more DCC tools such as Maya, Houdini, Blender


The Studio Art Director is responsible for encouraging, leading and driving the artistic vision and development of AAA products. Equally vital to this role is the ability to set and maintain the creative vision and quality bar for the product which sets the standard within the industry.


Great visual storytelling skills and a well grounded understanding of the language of the camera. Framing, perspective, lenses, coverage, continuity, camera movement, blocking. Posses a strong understanding of the principles of animation.


Seeking outstanding talent to join our passionate and creative family in crafting our next high-profile AAA console title.


RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible for design, implementation, or completion of crowd dressing, motion, and/or rendering in production shots and sequences • May adapt character models to the needs of crowd animation or build crowd characters • May create, debug, or modify systems to facilitate crowd-level animation


We're currently seeking a highly skilled Traditional Animator for a 2D animated feature film. The role of Animator is to animate characters, crowds, sets and props, matching the established visual aesthetic. This role reports directly to the Animation Supervisor.


As a Senior Character Artist, you will help to execute the artistic vision and develop an awesome product by using a combination of traditional fine art and technical art skills to create our characters. We are looking for you to learn from the industry's premier talent in art and tech to create AAA characters!

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