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Production Coordinator

Moving Picture Company

London, United Kingdom 06-06-2020
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Job Description

MPC expands into Streaming and Episodic VFX with the launch of a specialist division, MPC Episodic. The division offers episodic directors and producers' access to the pioneering technology and world-class talent behind recent blockbusters such as; The Lion King, Godzilla: King of The Monsters, Detective Pikachu and the BAFTA award winning 1917.

Led by MD Tom Williams, Executive VFX Supervisor, Pete Jopling (The Bourne Legacy, Captain America: Civil War, Chernobyl), Head of Creative Gurel Mehmet (The Witcher, Avengers: Endgame, Inception) and Senior Producer Therese Zambra (Mars, Frontline) MPC Episodic is actively hiring the industry's top VFX talent, to work on some of the most exciting series visual effects work in the industry

The VFX Production Coordinator is responsible for the delivery of quota and inventory on time, in collaboration with their show Production Team, Leads, Discipline Shot Teams and Supervision. The Coords are responsible for providing support to the VFX Production Managers where necessary.

Reporting to: Central Production Manager

[Indirect] VFX Production Managers, Digital Producer/VFX Producer

Reports: [Indirect] VFX Production Assistants

Partnering with: VFX Production Coordinators, Supervision, Leads and Artists

Promotion Channels: VFX Production Manager

Key Skills
• Leadership Creative approach to resolving challenging situations; problem solver; forward-planning; confidence and a critical thinker who works well under pressure
• Management Task management; highly organized and analytical; good use of initiative and decision-making; flexibility with planning and scheduling
• Communication Ability to work with and inspire a team; honest and attentive; good presentation and written/verbal comms; accuracy with reporting; good listening skills
• People Person Managing remote teams; managing difficult conversations; teamwork
• Collaboration Team player who is able to build relationships and work with diverse teams
• Nice to have VFX Film Industry knowledge and Show Experience
• Work Experience Customer-facing role in a fast-paced environment e.g. retail, tourism and hospitality

Engagement and Proposition

Champion a positive and productive culture of high performance, supporting the brand as a global industry leader in visual effects – work with Software Team to define functionality requirements for updating or creating new tools, and completing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on new software releases and change requests made by Production; be an advocate of diversity and inclusivity; and act as an ambassador to promote MPC film within the local film community.

Generic Responsibilities
• Managing and tracking a schedule of work that matches VFX Producer-set quota and the Discipline Shot Teams including dummy resource planning and management of quotas against resource; ensuring that dates, priorities, statuses and comments are kept accurate based on when work will be delivered/has completed.
• Communicate with upstream and downstream departments to ensure that inventory is on-time – looking ahead in the schedule to ensure your dependencies are on track and following the issue management process where necessary.
• Attend mandatory show meetings e.g. morning meeting; weekly quota/scheduling meeting.
• Accurately create mandatory show reports e.g. Daily Quota Report; Release/Publish; All-in-Comp.
• Manage and communicate Daily and Weekly Targets to the Artists, Leads and Supervision.
• Driving Artists' work towards the attainment of quota and to meet Client deliveries.
• Conducts Rounds and manages Dailies driving Supervisor and Lead approvals – sends the agenda, runs the session and adds notes to ReviewTool; outlines Production requirements such as Client deliveries, end dates, bid days and quota. Acknowledge notes from other departments and follow up with other VFX Production Coordinators.
• Effectively manage all Client requests and relay accurate and timely notes to the team to ensure completion of actions.
• Escalating any Supervisor notes that may impact quota delivery.
• Strategise with Leads on how to best achieve the required work within the assigned days.
• Support render wrangling and prioritization.
• Chasing software tickets for any items preventing work from being delivered.
• Support with show-wide software and technology projects – work with Software Team to define functionality requirements for updating or creating new tools, and completing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on new software releases and change requests made by Production.
• As required, coordinate DN requirements.
• As required, support any VFX Production Assistant and/or VFX Production Manager tasks.

Shot/Build Coordination-specific
• Managing the scheduling of shots/builds across one or more disciplines; breaking down tasks using bulk task creator tool and assign bid days.
• Driving the timely attainment of quota and inventory.
• Assign tasks to a group of Artist Shot Teams across one or more disciplines – liaise directly with Artists to ensure that every task is assigned out and that the Artists know what their schedule is, what targets they need to deliver, and what quota needs to be achieved.
• Reports resource updates to the Department Manager and VFX Production Manager; and escalates to VFX Production Managers when quota isn't being met or any concerns regarding Shot Team performance/configuration.
• If required, depending on the show's delivery needs, manage and update milestones.
• Coordinator daily overtime and weekend work; communicating Artists' hours to the Department Manager.

Sequence Coordination-specific
• Managing the timely delivery of sequences, or groups of sequences through the VFX pipeline.
• Managing the delivery of the 3 week sprint for accelerated Turnover to Client. Leading the 3 week sprint meeting and targets.
• Coordinating with the show's Bangalore Production team.
• Coordinating Temp and Trailer deliveries and pushing through the material required to deliver.
• Support daily client sends.
• Support sync queue management.
• Lead Sequence and Key Look Dailies driving Supervisor approvals.
• In collaboration with the VFX Production Manager, update deliveries based on Client feedback.
• Review material received and Client notes with the Supervisor.
• Maintain a high-level understanding of the pipeline and the intricate dependencies between the Disciplines.
• Liaising with Clients and chasing special Client requests
• Finals board
• Client calls

Company Profile
Moving Picture Company
The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a global creative studio with a single goal: to create experiences that move people. With decades of storytelling experience, we are perpetually pushing the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible to tell visually stunning stories. MPC continues to lead in an ever-evolving industry, building authentic and long-lasting connections with audiences across all channels.